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Teeming with interesting nuggets of fact and information,African Americans Who Shaped American History includes such legendary men and women as Benjamin Banneker, Dred Scott, Mary Church Terrell, George Washington Carver and Bessie Smith Also included are Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr Thurgood Marshall and many, manyOrganized chronologically and meticulously researched, this book provides an educational look at the prominent role that these individuals played and how their varied talents, ideas and expertise contributed to American history Concise Easy to Read Text Fully Illustrated Includes Index, Time Line, Trivia Quiz Suggested Projects Makes History Fun Bluewood BooksSeries includesadditional fun and educational titles, includingHispanic Americans Who Shaped American HistoryNative Americans Who Shaped American HistoryScientists Who Shaped World HistoryAmerican Women Who Shaped American HistoryAthletes Who Shaped Sports HistoryInventions That Shaped World HistoryArtists Who Shaped World History and many