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A very good set of ideas. We re so lucky to live at a time where our knowledge of the universe is so advanced, but to the interested non specialist with a busy life, science can sometimes seem like a mishmash of theory, fact, claim, jargon and ugly equations However do not fear, because this book strips things down to the bare essentials of what you need to know.Very similar in principle to the 50 Ideas You Really Need to Know series, except this one book has a broader coverage of the whole of science, cut into 7 sections on Macrocosm, Microcosm, Evolution, Mind Body, Earth, Universe Knowledge and punctuated by glossaries of key words and short biogs of 7 key men Einstein, Darwin etc.Okay so you re not going to get a deep understanding of most of the stuff, but you ll at least be aware of where science is currently at and you ll maybe be inspired to delve further into one of the topics if it strikes an interest Also don t be put off by the dull front cover, as inside is pure quality, glossy pages, artwork, easy on the eye, and it really does only take 30 seconds for each.old, young, expert, beginnera must have reference on your shelf, in fact it should be in every school s library. I was absolutely thrilled with service, packaging, quality, instructions and ease of use Great. This is a great and fascinating book for those of us that have heard sciencey stuff but never took the time to understand it.Well, reading the book won t make you understand any of the topics in any great detail but it gives you just enough to get going Quantum Mechanics is not a complete mystery any It has the one about a cat in a box Schrodinger s cat , Chaos Theory, Dark Matter and all the other barmy stuff you hear about from time to time.I took it into work and it was a hit with my colleagues a good pick up and browse Made us chuckle in down time Not only does it describe theories in 30 seconds but also has a 3 second thrash a sound bite for the impatient and a 3 minute thought for a bit expansion upon the titular 30 second theory.Recommended especially if you want to blag some impressive science A taster book that does what it says on the can It may help to wet your appetite for a detailed look elsewhere for example, quantum science etc It may be too lightweight for those already familiar with any particular subject but just right for those who are new to topics and just want a quick idea about a topic I figured this was the ideal gift for someone at the extreme end of non scientist a great deal of care has been taken to make it attractive as it flits across subjects at a fast pace, ideal for someone with no appetite for studying science I mark it down for two reasons I agree with Jason s excellent review and I couldn t help noticing the person I gave it to opened it for about 5 minutes then put it in a drawer and went back to Cosmopolitan. I found this too lightweight For sure it gives you quick insights into major theories, but it covers the ground in a way that is reminisent of one of those Christmas books.It s a skim read, but even then the writing is not engaging for non technical people to buy into.I read it quickly and it was disappointing I was quickly fed up with the opinions and the content was at the end of the day too light weight and the writing not involving After an hours reading I wrapped it up again and lent it to someone else and told them to keep it I won t miss it. When it comes to big science, very few things are conclusively known From Quantum Mechanics to Natural Selection, what we have instead are theories ideas explain why things happen the way they do We dont know for certain these are correct no one ever saw the Big Bang but with them we can paint beautiful, breathtaking pictures of everything from human behaviour to what the future may hold Profiling the key scientists behind each theory,Second Theories presents each entry in a unique, eye catching full colour design, with thought provoking extras and stylish illustrations It is essential for anyone keen on expanding their mind with sciences most thrilling ideas I will turn to this again and again too read right through and to dip into to get enough knowledge to impress my friends Great little to the point e book to satisfy even the most science curious out there and I would recommend it to anyone Excellent.