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Smart, Expertly Crafted, Moving And Very Funny Adam Green Vogue Hnath Has Written One Of This Year S Best Plays The Focus Is On The Collision Of Viewpoints Freedom Versus Responsibility, Attachment Versus Solitude, Domestic Stability Versus Individual Growth These Subjects Are Thrashed Out In The Explosive Context Of Gender And Social Class Charles McNulty LA Times Welcome Back, Nora A Terrific Explosively Funny New Play, And An Audacious Broadway Debut For Lucas Hnath David Rooney The Hollywood Reporter Provocative, Funny And, Ultimately, GenerousA Doll S House, Part Demonstrates Just How Imposing Is That Big Doorway Nora Walked Through Once Upon A Time, And The Guts It Takes To Keep Walking Through It, Again And Again Peter Marks Washington Post An Endlessly Stimulating, Whiplash Producing, Lightning Bolt Of A Play Charles Isherwood Broadway News Humor Abounds In Hnath S Creative SequelHis Script Is An Irreverent Yet Respectful Take On The Source MaterialA Worthy Companion Piece To The Original, A Doll S House, Part Is An Imaginative Postscript To A Well Loved Standard Maya Stanton Entertainment Weekly An Incredibly Enjoyable PlayThe True Triumph Of A Doll S House, Part Is Its Refreshingly Feminist Political Message Christian Lewis Huffington Post Lucid And Absorbing A Doll S House, Part Judiciously Balances Conflicting Ideas About Freedom, Love And Responsibility Adam Feldman Time Out New YorkSmart, Funny And Utterly EngrossingThis Unexpectedly Rich Sequel Reminds Us That Houses Tremble And Sometimes Fall When Doors Slam, And That There Are Living People Within, Who May Be Wounded Or LostMr Hnath Has A Deft Hand For Combining Incongruous Elements To Illuminating Ends Ben Brantley, New York Times It Has Been Fifteen Years Since Nora Helmer Slammed The Door On Her Stifling Domestic Life, When A Knock Comes At That Same Door It Is Nora, And She Has Returned With An Urgent Request What Will Her Sudden Return Mean To Those She Left Behind Lucas Hnaths Funny, Probing, And Bold Play Is Both A Continuation Of Ibsens Complex Exploration Of Traditional Gender Roles, As Well As A Sharp Contemporary Take On The Struggles Inherent In All Human Relationships Across Time

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  1. Frank L. Greenagel II Frank L. Greenagel II says:

    2017 was a spectacular year for the theater Sweat, Oslo, and A Doll s House, Part 2 I haven t read The Wolves yet All three would be deserved winners for Best Drama.A few 20th and 21st century playwrights have mined old plays and characters to create wonderful plays Tom Stoppard has done this multiple times Equivication and Wittenburg are stunning 21st century examples of using Shakespeare s work This play builds on the major theme from Ibsen s play the suffocating aspects of marriage , but discusses it brilliantly through the eyes of four different characters Nora, Torvold, Anna the maid and Emma their adult daughter.The dialogue is spectacular The characters are well rounded they are far better than Ibsen s characters, and I say this as a fan of Ibsen The philosophy and observations on marriage both positive and negative behind the dialogue are brilliant It s a shame that people didn t see this play during it s limited run on broadway I am pleased to report that it is on the schedule in theaters a lot during the 2018 19 season.

  2. Book Monster Book Monster says:

    I really enjoyed this play Such a raw delve into the boons and the banes of marriage, and is unflinchingly honest LOVED it

  3. colleen urusow colleen urusow says:

    I always felt like A Doll s House play story could continue I m so pleased someone wrote a Part 2, highly recommend reading this

  4. Judy Judy says:

    Used for book group.

  5. Craig Craig says:

    Great play Revisions Ibsen.