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The past returns with a fury for a woman coming to terms with her life in this award winning novel by an acclaimed Icelandic author making her English language debutEln Jnsdttir lives an isolated existence in Reykjavk, Iceland, making props and prosthetics for theatrical productions and Nordic crime flicks In her early seventies, she has recently become fascinated with another loner, Ellen lfsdttir, a sensitive young playwright and illegitimate daughter of a famous writer The girl has aroused maternal feelings in Eln, but she has also stirred discomfiting memories long packed away Because their paths have crossed before One doesnt remember The other is about to forgetSoon theyll discover all they have in common difficult childhoods, trauma, and being outliers who have found space to breathe in creative expression Yet the Eln tries to connect with the young woman and unbox painful memories, the tenuous her grasp on reality becomesWinner of the Icelandic Literary Prize, A Fist or a Heart is a gripping, artfully interwoven novel of power, secrets, and isolation by one of the most bracing and original voices of the authors generation

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    The author can be considered at just right between the great names of the literature of North Europe as Knausgaard The life happens in a quiet city as Copenaghen without particular problems The style is clear and elegant, the narration flows with attention of the words used The interest of the people is about the little things than the great questions.