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HarperCollins is proud to present its new range of best loved, essential classics Lock up your libraries if you like but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind Based on a lecture given at Cambridge and first published in , A Room of One s Own interweaves Woolf s personal experience as a female writer with themes ranging from Austen and Bront to Shakespeare s gifted and imaginary sister Three Guineas , Woolf s most impassioned polemic, came almost a decade later and broke new ground by challenging the very notions of war and masculinityThis volume combines two inspirational, witty and urbane essays from one of literature s pre eminent voices collectively they constitute a brilliant and lucid attack on sexual inequality

15 thoughts on “A Room of One’s Own and Three Guineas (Collins Classics) [Lingua inglese]

  1. Lois Neal Lois Neal says:

    I heaard about this book through a TV programme and I m very pleased that I have now read it Although it is not an easy, easy read, once you have understood that way the author structures sentences then it flows easily.I found the author s view to be thought provoking as well as simply interesting, particularly because it was written so many years ago but stll feels current.

  2. Audrey Birchley Audrey Birchley says:

    A brilliant essay from virgina Woolf.The title sums up the core of the essay the necessity for women writers of the early 20th century to have a fixed independent income 500 a year and a room of her own, essential requirements for free expression where the writer can give her work full attention without other demands upon her time Such privileges the author had due to a legacy from her aunt but in my opinion one which she fully appreciated and thus uses to ignite the theme of this essay.Woolf takes us through the centuries of the dearth of women writers due to their lack of education from a hypothetical sister of Shakespeare, who in a patriarchal society would be forbidden to give full rein to creative work even if her talent was obvious She also examines notable writers such as Jane Austen, the Brontes, George Eliot, leading onto milestones in female emancipation such as Florence Nightingale, women s suffrage and the aftermath of the era of the first world war.I particularly liked the way she queried obvious patriarchal privileges as a guest speaker at Oxbridge Why a choice of wine with a gourmet meal for the male students residents and only a bland meal with a water jug passed round for the women s college where she dined In the year of 1928 she was well aware that there were discriminations and hurdles yet to be overcome, all of which she examines in her stream of consciousness fashion.A must for all lovers of good literature, feminism and those with an interest in early 20th century society and culture.

  3. PhillipSE5 PhillipSE5 says:

    THIS EDITION IS A WORK OF ART IN ITSELF from the beautiful front cover to the excellent font and page layout

  4. Peter B Peter B says:

    Macmillan have made a beautiful book to own and enjoy.

  5. Ru Ru says:

    A gorgeous book convinced me to buy the whole collection Speedy delivery and definitely a lovely gift.


    I re reread this for a book club and got a great deal from it both as an insight into Virginia Woolf as a person and the period in which she was writing.

  7. Ester Ester says:

    have yet to read but it s been on the reading list for a long time after reading excerpts at uni and having strong interest in feminism downloaded quickly and for a great price

  8. Bucko Bucko says:

    Very small print

  9. Katie Morgan -Weir Katie Morgan -Weir says:

    Great quality

  10. Filipe Filipe says:


  11. Sandra Troman Sandra Troman says:

    Excellent book Empowering women everywhere.

  12. Mrs C Gray Mrs C Gray says:

    A great read

  13. Amresh Kumar jha Amresh Kumar jha says:

    It is known to all the fame and name of this book and it s author.the problem of this book which has been availed by is very very poor and loose purchase the book to keep it for years.Books are not use and throw glasses.Take care in Future

  14. Mayolla Nazareth Mayolla Nazareth says:

    I totally loved this book of Virginia wolf ,a true feminist book.But a note to the publisher it felt like too many words were put into a page which looked quite jam packed.

  15. Zuinglio L. R. JR. Zuinglio L. R. JR. says:

    La calidad de los materiales esta muy buena, la verdad El livro de capa dura es super chulo pero es el resumen del original No sabia que la colecci n Macmillan era de bolsillo y como el anuncio no dice, te lo compras pensando que viene el libro completo y te viene el resumen, del resumen, del resumen jajaja Pero si lo que buscas es eso, esta genial