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In The Vampire Stratocracy Of Cain, Human Blood Is Scarce For Centuries, Councils Have Sought To Assuage The Blood Shortage By Enslaving And Breeding Humans, Turning Them Into Profitable Supply Units For The Rich And The Abled Today, Eighteen Year Old Wavorly Sterling Is Officially A Supply Unit, Bound To Serve Her Blood Willingly To Her Master For The Rest Of Her Life One Of Only Few Humans That Was Not Bred In Cain, Wavorly Knows Freedom Better Than Anyone, And She Is Determined To Escape The Clutches Of Her Oppressors, Even If By The Hands Of Death But Surprises Lay Beyond Every Certainty, And Within Every Doubt Where Wavorly S Hatred For Both Vampires And Her Enslavement Once Flowed Free As Blood, It Merely Trickles As She Grows To Admire Her Reserved, Yet Receptive Master And Savior, Anton Zein Although Warmed By Comforts Never Felt Before, Danger Still Lurks In The Castle, And A Prophecy Calls From Beyond The Walls Of A Lavender Gate Concealing The Horrific Secrets Lodged Between Handsome Smirks And Cinereous Eyes It Will Take Everything Within Wavorly To Face Her Fears And Her Doubts To Harness The Truth Of Her Past Despite What That Means For Her Future The Only Question Is, Will She Set In A Richly Detailed World Of Fantasy, A Violet Fire Is A Gripping Journey Filled With Passion, Betrayal, Lies, And The Encouragement We All Need To Take A Stand For Our Freedom No Matter The Cost Image An amazing read, not a vampire love story, but a tale that will be spread over books Engaging and thoroughly entertaining Wavorly is an amazing character, so gutsy I loved her so much, we don t get to know Zein too much as he s kept quite withdrawn and it s obvious we will learn over time I can t wait for the next.Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion Do I read vampire books as a rule Nope, but good writing is good writing and Kelsey Quick can write.It takes a little longer to pull me into a genre that isn t straight up stabby but if an author can do that Then I am willingly and happily along for the ride Quick achieved this on page one and after that it was just fantastic storytelling It s amazing to me that this is her debut novel.The subplots were seamlessly woven through the main story, the character names were fun and even by the end you re not sure who to pull for, but you know you want to read the rest Thank you to the author for nervously providing me with a review copy I made no promises and she s read my snarky reviews, so even though I gave no stars for her bravery I am going to mention it When Wavorly Sterling was just a child, a vampire attack decimated the population of her hometown In fact, she is the only known survivor, rescued, or captured, depending on your perspective, and brought to live within the Vampire Stratocracy of Cain.Set in a dystopian world, where the blood supply is low, the Stratocracy has developed a vast and complex system for raising human supply units These supply units, are eventually chosen and bound to a master who they must serve, and feed, for the duration of their lives.Wavorly is brought to a sort of private school where the girls are raised together and taught how to please their future masters The majority of these girls were born within the Stratocracy, so have never tasted the freedom of the outside world as Wavorly has This sets her apart from the other girls and she struggles trying to understand their seemingly docile personalities in the face of what lies ahead of them.In fact, when we first meet her, she is in the midst of executing an escape attempt Although it may not go as planned, you have to give the girl props for her strength and determination.No matter how hard she fights back against the powers that be however, Wavorly is ultimately selected by Lord Anton Zein to live in his castle as one of his supply units They have a complicated history and you just know something s going to go down at that castle I really enjoyed this, you guys I do not read a lot of vampire related content, really my only experiences being Salem s Lot, NOS4A2 and Doctor Sleep, so I wasn t sure if I would enjoy this or not Spoiler Alert I did I loved the overall dystopian feel of this story The world building was excellent and I cannot wait to learn in the next book.In addition to loving Wavorly, I also really enjoyed quite a few of the side characters, who added depth, humor and challenging personalities to the story There were people you could really get behind and people that were a joy to hate Yes, that is a thing.Although the plot got a little jumbled for me towards the end, I was still on board for all that was happening There were revelations and betrayals, a lot of excitement I think this left off in a great spot for the continuation of the series and I definitely will be continuing I have no idea how many books are planned but personally, I am hoping for at least three This was one of those books that when I wasn t reading it, I was thinking about it and wishing I was Overall, this was an impressive debut I feel confident this author has a bright future ahead of her If you are looking for an inventive and captivating, fast paced read, you should definitely pick this one up Thank you so much to the author, Kelsey Quick, for providing me with a copy of this to read and review I have since pre ordered the paperback because I love the cover and also, have no self control. I am a closeted fan of vampire books, especially the YA genre, but if anybody asks me I ll deny it I watch the Twilight movies every single time I see them on the guide, much to the chagrin of my bf Again, I ll deny this fact And A Violet Fire is exactly why I m such a fan of the genre.It s not so much of an original storyline as it does have the typical ingredients super hot vampire dude, willful chick who is, at first, immune to his wicked charms However, I was pleasantly surprised that that is where the stereotypes end in this book This story revolves around blood slaves which is especially awesome in my book errrr I mean this book Whatever I would totallyyy be a blood slave In the cerebral words of Paris Hilton, that s hot Enslavement is still enslavement, no matter how soft the chains See Totally hot.Unlike typical vampire stories, vampires don t hide in the dark in this book, they rule the world Muahahahaha I appreciate that vampires are the only creepy peeps walking the earth in this story because I m not particularly fond of mixing my paranormal monsters I m a snob that way.There s a twist at the cliffhanger end that I didn t see coming To be honest, I didn t even know I should have been looking for one Kelsey Quick s writing flows swiftly, never getting bogged down with superfluous page fillers Easily a one sitting type of read I am totally invested in this story and will be awaiting the second book with cold blood tinged bated breath Oh and look at that cover That s hot, right I was provided an ARC from the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.