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All My Friends Are Going to Be Strangers is one of Pulitzer Prize winner Larry McMurtry s most vital and entertaining novels, a wonderful display of his ability to recreate the subtle textures of feelings, the claims of passing time and familiar places, and the rich interlocking swirl of people s lives Danny Deck is on the verge of success as an author, when he flees Houston and hurtles unexpectedly into the hearts of three women a girlfriend who makes him happy but who won t stay a neighbour as generous as she is lusty and his pal, Emma Horton Ranging from Texas to California on a young writer s journey in a car he calls El Chevy, Danny embarks on a wild ride towards literary fame and an uncharted border country Sometimes the going ain t easy But McMurtry captures the good with the bad when it comes to making it as a novelist. This was very disappointing.I didn t care about anyone in the novel and nothing of any interest happened It s hard to believe the same author wrote The Last Picture Show which is one of my favourite novels. Classic early novel by McMurtry, evoking Austin in the days when it was a sleepy bohemian town and the Bay Area in the heady times of the Stanford Writers Workshop under Wallace Stegner Another good read