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So it s up to Bina to see how much fun she can have on her own At first it s a lot of guitar playing, boredom, and bad TV, but things look up when she finds an unlikely companion in Austin s older sister, who enjoys music just as much as Bina But then Austin comes home from camp, and he s acting even weirder than when he left How Bina and Austin rise above their growing pains and reestablish their friendship and respect for their differences makes for a touching and funny coming of age story

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  1. stg2bio.co Kunde stg2bio.co Kunde says:

    Das Buch war f r den Unterricht bestimmt Mein Sohn war zufrieden, fand die Story sehr gut.

  2. Paul C Paul C says:

    A kid really doesn t get many summers and Bina wants to make the most of hers She figures the three months between 7th and 8th grade will be spent with her best friend Austin But when he unexpectedly takes off to soccer camp, she s left alone to figure out how to not get bored to death.Bina is forced to get out of her comfort zone a little and finds herself experiencing some new relationships She becomes an aunt, a babysitter, a 1 fan of a new band on the scene and she looks deeper into her talent for music.A view of some of the key understandings of adolescence As awkward and uncomfortable as it is sweet and revealing Low fi and understated, but brimming with authenticity and a pace of a summer to remember.

  3. bordercollie4me bordercollie4me says:

    The art work was poorly done, very little color The story line was okay but pretty boring and predictable Homosexual marriage is part of this story as well.

  4. DaisyGirl DaisyGirl says:

    My daughter thought the story was pretty good but she wasn t in love with it She didn t like that the entire book was all the same color of that ugly blue She prefers her graphic novels to be in regular color or even black and white She said she wouldn t read it again so we will donate to the library.

  5. B. Propper B. Propper says:

    Great YA graphic novel.

  6. J. S. J. S. says:

    My granddaughter loved this book

  7. Lola Sienema Lola Sienema says:

    It was ok at best.

  8. Jennifer M. Jennifer M. says:

    Delightful book.

  9. stg2bio.co Customer stg2bio.co Customer says:

    My son likes this book

  10. Dakota Averill Dakota Averill says:

    Both my 12 yr old son and 7 yr old daughter love it

  11. Kort Kort says:

    Using the timeless theme of Summertime boredom as the premise, All Summer Long is a fun read that does an excellent job capturing the essence of a teenager on the precipice of self discovery Bina, the protagonist of the graphic novel is a spirited, artsy thirteen year old who assumes the summer will be spent working on a Summer Fun Index with her BFF Austin, friends since babyhood But when Austin goes off to soccer camp and doesn t answer her text messages, Bina turns to her guitar playing as a means of processing her feelings Along the way, she hangs with Austin s irascible older sister Charlie They find commonality in their love of music, but things quickly sour When Austin returns, Bina thinks he s changed, but so has she without realizing it at first.I m impressed with how this graphic novel plays out As a father to a 13 year old, I see parallels between Bina s personality and my own daughter s and like Bina, she follows the beat of her own drum As a gen x er, I like the references to 1980s retro cool and also saw myself in the parents portrayed in the story This graphic novel would appeal to young and old alike as it plays on the human condition, changes, transitions, interpersonal relationships and hopes and dreams.The two tone art enhances the timelessness of the story The characters are well drawn and the visual narrative is easy to follow I feel comfortable giving this to my thirteen year old to read It delivers a wonderful message of self empowerment, self realization, and simply being yourself Kort

  12. ChristineMM ChristineMM says:

    Bina is a thirteen year old girl and 7th grade has just ended, this is the story of her summer and it is a shift from her childhood years with positive changes This coming of age story is realistic, typical ,and believable She shifts from childhood play with a best friend to having to spend time alone and after her parents shut down the cable television because she was binge watching too much, she is forced to find something to do that doesn t involve screen time She explores music and begins playing guitar, she already sings and experiments with new clothing styles I love seeing that she was becoming her authentic self and that it was all positive She takes on new roles and responsibilities and starts off her eighth grade year confident and self assured Quick read with graphic novel format with just the right amount of illustration to give action to the text and dialogue This book does not focus on dressing sexy or chasing boys and no drugs or alcohol, no mean girl stuff Rating 5 stars Love It.

  13. Gagewyn Gagewyn says:

    The story follows Bina, a thirteen year old girl, over the course of a summer She s spent previous summer s tooling around with her friend Austin, but the This summer he s away at soccer camp Through a twist, she ends up befriending his older high school age sister, getting into music as a creative outlet, and generally getting of a personal brand as a teenager She basically goes through summer having adventures and developing her teen identity.Graphics are good and help move the story along Characters are easy to recognize from scene to scene There s not anything really ground breaking or super artistic about the graphics, but they definitely keep things moving.There are some parts i found overly corny, but others find nostalgic For example, Bina s mom gives her some of her old college teen clothes and it describes them along the lines of leather jacket, achingly artsy punk 80s leather jacket I found this corny, but other reviews seem to like it, as they are maybe Bina s parents age.The story keeps moving, and it s worth a read if it s easy for you to get a copy.

  14. W. Simpsen W. Simpsen says:

    All Summer Long is an enjoyable graphic novel about a young girl coming of age Bina, who s just finished a year of middle school, is ready for the summer and lots of fun with her best friend Austin He s got a soccer camp to attend though, and Bina is left to entertain herself for a month She finds her inner musician, bonds with Austin s sister, and realizes that all of them are growing up.I m not a huge fan of graphic novels, but my kids love them This coming of age story is well told with nicely illustrated panels and descriptive dialog The tale is engaging and the book was a fairly quick read Bina is a wonderful character, a strong female protagonist This book is recommended for ages 10 to 12 and I think that s a great range The story is certainly appropriate for that group and older readers, those in middle school, would probably enjoy this one too My kids did.

  15. TammyJo Eckhart TammyJo Eckhart says:

    When I was 13 I didn t have only one best friend, I don t think I had the concept of best friend because I hung out with multiple people all through junior high and high school But I could still feel empathy for what Bina, our main character, is going through as her body changes and thus her relationship to the world and people around her changes whether she likes it or not Her feelings are both shown and told in text and image.The art style if minimal, the features are not finely laid out but still we get a good impression of each character Bina and her family are POC while her best friend Austin and his family appear to be white They live right next to each other and race and ethnicity aren t directly addressed That might seem unrealistic to some people.It isn t just aging that is creating differences for Bina s life She s into music while her best friend is really into sports How their different interest and how they can explore them change as they grown older is a big part of the story That s a reflection of many friendships, we don t generally overlap 100% but that keeps things interesting while requiring us to balance.This story doesn t fall into the trap of teen angst and brooding, it felt possible and powerful.