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bought for son as recommended essential reading for acting and professional practice foundation degree and he loves it Finds it really useful for his course Bought for the wife and she said it was ok. In An Actor Prepares Stanislavski deals with the inward preparation an actor must undergo in order to explore a role to the its full He introduces the concepts of the magic of units and objectives, of emotion memory, of the super objective and many now famous rehearsal aids An Actor must work all his life, cultivate his mind, train his talents systematically, develop his character he may never despair and never relinquish this main pupose to love his art with all his strength and love it unselfishly Constantin Stanislavski Both Roger McGuinn and Peter Case told me to read this, that it would help me prepare for live concerts They are both terrific musicians in solo concert performance so I thought there might be something to it and by God, they were right I recommend this is all young musicians who don t know how to act cool and hip onstage and who feel self conscious under the spotlight I am being serious here. Every page, every situation and exercise described, is full of truth, useful, practical, full of wisdom and interesting to be reading I was astonished to find so much in this book, everything so evident, but the kind of evidence you have to be told before you take conscience of itUseful both for students and people interested in theatre or art in general. So, the book wonderful, I recommend it to everybody interested in performance, but the Bloomsbury Revelations edition is appalling Spelling mistakes all over the place, seriously everywhere And this isn t just me being a pedant, there are occasional spelling mistakes in a lot of books which is normally not a problem, however here it is rampant Another reviewer mentions the same problem so essentially avoid this edition like the plague Aided my study greatly Being a student of Barry John, I loved this book to the core, so many questions I had in mind but this book has answered them all. Although I found the content of the book eye opening and interesting, I was hugely disappointed with this particular edition At first glance the book seems beautifully published I love the feel of the cover and design looks clean but it is littered with typos which begin already in the note by the translator There is something cringe inducing in a book about acting that misspells Moli re and Com die Fran aise even before it properly begins One could overlook this given that these are foreign names but the entire content looks like somebody scanned an analogue copy of the book that had been published using a serif font, run an OCR, changed the font and published the result without giving it even a quick read through which gave rise to plenty of annoying little mistakes like arid instead of and or acton or instead of actors I was looking forward to buying the other two Stanislavski books published in the series but instead, I am now on a lookout for their older editions and will not go near the Bloomsbury Revelations series again. Great book but this edition is truly terrible The translation is horrible and it is littered with misspellings, sometimes 4 5 per page It is clear that this edition has been made by a machine, as in some form of subpar scanning tool and then not proof read by anyone.More so, the book could use a re writing by someone who practices acting or directing today Still, in its original form, it s still worth a read just not this terrible edition.