Read Reading Art by Committee: A Guide to Advanced Improvisation [With DVD] –

This new guidebook for the best in improvisation performance si a sequel to the best selling book, Truth in Comedy It tells how to empower improvisation using the yes concept with improv performers Great book on improvisation and The Harold Even better it comes with a DVD of actual improv work and examples of what is discussed in Charna s second book I highly recommend and it was a very fast read. Bought this for my son who is very much involved in imrov scene in Beijing He has found it useful. Having a DVD to look at to see the application of what is in the book is a great idea A bit like a follow up to truth in comedy.history background on Close and iO is interesting, but not necessarily something that will help you become a better improviser. There is some good info in this book The best part of the book is that Halpern references examples from the included DVD to illustrate some of her points These examples come in the early chapters and are by far the strongest part of the book.In fact, the DVD itself is worth the price of the book with full performances by Beer Shark Mice and the Reckoning as well as performance snippets of ASSCAT and an Armando with Joe Bill as the Armando There are also interviews with various well known improvisers such as Tina Fey, Tim Meadows, etc.Halpern s writing is weak because even though she makes good points she never takes you through the whole thing so that you can get it A book that would lay out specific issues in teaching long form improv and then useful exercises and teaching points would make for a useful book It seems like she is either describing the final result what makes up a Harold, for example or making a small teaching point how to treat mistakes as gifts , but she s never taking you through the whole process If Halpern could write with the discipline of Carol Hazenfield see Hazenfield s Acting on Impulse , you would have an excellent long form improv book.Halpern uses the last part of the book to tell some stories about Del Close and the history of improv Anyone with an interest in the development of long form will find this part of the book interesting Art is a good book not great, but good Even if you are not a fan of Halpern s work, the DVD itself is worth the price of the book.