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Rubber Rabbits, Bubbly Bees, Balloon Dogs, Camels, And Frogs These Are Just A Few Of The Colorful, Rubbery Animals That Can Be Created Out Of Simple Balloons Used By Clowns And Magicians To Delight And Entertain Audiences, The Art Of Balloon Sculpting Is Now Available To All In This Delightful Book, Dr Dropo, Shares His Secrets For Making Dozens Of Popular Balloon Figures Includes The Following Giraffe, Mouse, Swan, Ladybug, Squirrel, Hummingbird, Bumblebee, Brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Alligator, Cobra, Parrot, Penguin, Seal Balancing A Ball On His Nose, Captain Marvel, Extraterrestrial, Troll, Bubbles The Clown, Airplane, Flyers, Spinners, Whistlers, Pirate Sword, A Balloon Gun That Shoots Bubbly Bullets, And Many Others Over Figures In All Easy To Make, Fun To Create, And Kids Love Em

5 thoughts on “Balloon Sculpting: A Fun and Easy Guide to Making Balloon Animals, Toys, and Games

  1. Reader Reader says:

    We ve had a lot of fun with the kids learning to make balloon sculptures a skill that I m sure will come in handy at lots of functions in the future This book is pretty clear and simple in explanations I got several balloon books to try, but this is the one we ended up using over and over.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous says:

    There are some real gems in this book These balloon designs have a wow factor The dinosaurs are terrific and well thought out The frog is easy and super cute Rabbits, squirrels, and This is the book you want if you have been twisting balloons for a while and either need a refresher course me or need some good designs to supplement what you ve been doing The illustrations are easy to follow and there are a lot of good tips True, it is not a flashy book No color pictures, but if you are serious about balloon twisting, it is a GREAT book

  3. Shaleigh A Shaleigh A says:

    This book was purchased to teach myself to make balloon sculptures for various events for children Never making balloon animals before, I was amazed at how quickly I learned give the credit to this book The illustrations were easy to understand and the book provided a suprising number of different sculptures, ranging from traditional animals to hats to balloon shooters The author provides instruction with a sense of humor provides information not only on sculpting, but on the various types of balloons techniques used.

  4. Tulsa Jim Tulsa Jim says:

    An adult can understand it, but not be impressed A child would be impressed, but not understand the instructions.

  5. Flowers Flowers says:

    I bought a Balloon sculpting book a couple years ago that was fantastic The pictures were in color and very easy to looks at while twisting the balloons I give out the books and balloons for Christmas gifts which kids and adults have a lot of fun with The kids get the adults excited and engaged in making various objects In this case, kids like to look at pictures and not read about how to make balloon animals, swords, etc This book is well written and once you understand the diagrams and practiced a couple times, then you can make the objects featured in the book easily I think this book would be excellent for clowns or adults that make balloon sculptures for others It was not a hit for the families that I gave them too It was quickly set aside and the kids started to come up with patterns of their own.