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In this dark, quirky and humorous romantic comedy,year old Toby, recently released from prison, having servedmonths for running moonshine, finds a job as a dishwasher in a diner Hes soon emotionally and physically caught in between two waitresses, Britney and Ashley While Toby lives with Britney, hes seduced by Ashley Ashley blackmails Toby into fulfilling her fantasy of humiliation Sometime after this strange act, Ashley uses her seductive powers on Britney Read what happens when this beautiful seductress finally meets her match, Crazy Andy, the man with the gun In the tradition of romance novels everywhere, this zany and unique book moves from tragedy to triumph and ends on a high note Grady Harp top Contributor HALL OF FAME TOPREVIEWERout ofStars You just need to put one foot in front of the otherAuthor Richard DeVall understands the potency of satire as a portal to understanding our individual and collective weaknesses and strengths How better to reconsider points of view about relationships and life changes and challenges and emotions than to place these sacred topics in the hands of a court jester Wild and ornery, the romance incorporates bizarre physical proclivities, gender blended trysts, legal intrusions, and yes love, of sorts The story is zany but at all times entertaining and a fun diversion for escape from a days chaotic demands Grady Harp, NovemberPax out ofStars An unexpected wild ride Toby Treadwell, a young handsome mountain man, plans to attend college until moonshine and a stint in prison shatters his dreams After leaving jail, he faces homelessness and staggering debt from his sentence He finds unexpected support in a diner from a beautiful waitress in Moscow, Virginia This is a wild ride of self discovery, love, and humor with a heavy dose of kink

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  1. Chelsey McQuitty Chelsey McQuitty says:

    The book description says this is a humorous romantic comedy I don t agree at all It is neither humorous nor romantic but, yes, it is dark Toby has had his life derailed by serving jail time for helping out his father and delivering a batch of moonshine Prior to this he has performed well at school and was on course for college He emphatically did not want to get sucked into the illegal activities of his father and uncle The story follows his release from prison as he tries to get himself established, working a couple of jobs and finding himself somewhere to live He gets caught up with a pair of temptresses and here the book can t decide whether it should be romantic or erotic In fact it just seems sleazy and unappealing.

  2. Grady Harp Grady Harp says:

    Author Richard DeVall understands the potency of satire as a portal to understanding our individual and collective weaknesses and strengths How better to reconsider points of view about relationships and life changes and challenges and emotions than to place these sacred topics in the hands of a court jester BAREFOOT UNDER THE MOON is kinky and hilarious a story that defies comparison and it works so well in Richard s imaginative hands The prose is colorful and creative even the opening of his story defines the content to follow Toby Treadwell s father Buck and Uncle Dell squatted on a moss covered rock on top of Camelback Ridge and contemplated the best place to build a new still They needed a flat spot with good water and an overhead cover The law using drones, which they called Sky Dogs, and their understanding was that they downloaded the footage to Indians in Bangla damn dash where Hindus got paid a sack of rice to stare at the forest They conjured a picture inside a ruined factory with a bunch of brown men wrapped in sheets squatting on dirt watching drone films That degree of funky ideas, quite contemporary in mode, floods the pages o this entertaining novel at times such as this prelude the writing seems to veer from the point, only to bounce back with pertinent vigor.That setting provides the foundation for Toby s misadventure with moonshine as the provided synopsis explains 21 year old Toby, recently released from prison, having served 18 months for running moonshine, finds a job as a dishwasher in a diner He s soon emotionally and physically caught in between two waitresses, Britney and Ashley While Toby lives with Britney, he s had an affair with Ashley, and one of her specialties is seduction, he immediately admits this to be a huge mistake Ashley blackmails Toby into fulfilling her fantasy, which is a strange and slightly disgusting act Toby turns the table on Ashley and her need, or perhaps desire, to humiliate men After Ashley s accident, banishing her to live outside the state, she returns after six months with a new target for her seduction It is no longer Toby, now her sights are on Britney Wild and ornery, the romance incorporates bizarre physical proclivities, gender blended trysts, legal intrusions, and yes love, of sorts The story is zany but at all times entertaining and a fun diversion for escape from a day s chaotic demands Grady Harp, November 19

  3. Mercedes Diaz Mercedes Diaz says:

    Before anything about the actual book, the cover had me thoroughly tickled pink, because I tried for so long to figure out what it was before reading the censored bit Now, I m just at a loss because I really want to know what is censored here But, off to the actual book The intro was a bit strange for a romance novel, but it really helped set the scene for Toby and how life would unfold for him Hands down, this book is hilarious and delightful in the best ways When I first sat down to read, I was feeling pretty blah, but the first time I put it down a little after the 4th chapter, I had laughed out loud multiple times.The romance was fun, and it had a good balance between plot and sex scenes, and ultimately, you question the many motives that drive Toby such as his decision to take charge over the situation at hand sorry, trying to avoid spoilers I wouldn t recommend this book for those new to the romance genre as it strays slightly from the norm.

  4. J Armstrong J Armstrong says:

    So, if a book has the tagline A Trash to treasure Romance, you know you just have to get it I loved the characters and the story the quirky dialogue and the even quirkier characters were awesome Great writing and the chemistry between the characters as they traipsed about was palpable.Poor Toby, a man recently released form prison, finds a job in a diner and subsequently finds himself in the middle of a love triangle with the two waitresses What might seem like a great thing for a guy goes wrong hilariously when Ashley, who is gifted with seduction, gets Toby to fulfill her every fantasy After Ashleigh returns from out of state, she is determined on seduction again, but this time she sets her sights on the third in this triangle, the other waitress Will she be successful Will everything fall apart for Toby I really liked the laugh out loud moments and Toby I felt bad for him as he was trying to navigate the world after prison and got caught up with these crazy ladies.

  5. JoJo Maxson JoJo Maxson says:

    Barefoot Under the Moon A Trash to Treasure Romance by Richard DeVall keeps the reader entertained by the drama in Toby s life He was all set to head off to college to study agriculture and to one day have his own farm His background in moonshine showed him the importance of crops and farms of all nature Reluctantly, Toby makes a moonshine delivery that alters his finances, future, and family structure He is determined to one day financially care for his family Through his job, Toby gets mixed up with two women who will shake up his world.Classified as dark humor, Barefoot Under the Moon takes a simple plot and adds unique twists that take this to a different level Richard DeVall gives a vivid picture of a young man who tries to regain his life after spending time in jail This novel would appeal to those who enjoy mature material mixed with satire.

  6. Stephen R. Wilson Stephen R. Wilson says:

    Barefoot Under the Moon is a unique mix of romance, satire, and comedy The story is hilarious and you will get a lot of giggles as you read along But than that, the author uses satire like a real expert More than mere comedy, the story was able to comically articulate some unconventional truths about being human It has both humor and seriousness tangled in crazy and unique adventures of the main characters.I had a lot of laugh out loud moments with striking one liners and hilarious situations The characters are all very interesting as well, you would crave to know about their fetishes and intentions as you turn each page The storytelling is great, with lots of quirky scenes, exciting turns of events, and thought provoking lines You will surely have a great time reading this book and it will certainly keep you entertained till the very end.

  7. M. Hoffman M. Hoffman says:

    This is a really fun, and very unique, quirky little romance It s a great beach book, or to snuggle up to read before bed it s under 200 pages and every single page is a source of fun If you re anything like me, you ll find yourself laughing out loud in parts Fair warning, though, this book is not for the prudish There are some pretty explicit sex scenes, and they tend to be a little on the unconventional side If that s your thing, you ll love this one I really enjoyed the entire set up, this book is a bit edgy and satirical but it s in a light hearted way that makes it a pleasant page turner I really recommend this one, especially if you enjoy romance but you re getting tired of the same old, same old This novel definitely isn t following any sort of cookie cutter formula, and that s part of its charm.

  8. V.E. V.E. says:

    Barefoot Under The Moon A Trash To Treasure Romance by Richard Devall is a rollicking good time of a book We have Toby the protagonist, who as part of a somewhat messy family had to run some moonshine Of course he was set up for failure, and had to spend 18 months behind bars After that episode and everything that time taught him, the romance part of the story picks up This is a funny book with a lot of laugh out loud moments as we watch Toby make interesting decisions about his life His love life is a mess, and you will follow along as he has some great and challenging times A fun book written in an irreverent way, this is a light and fast read that will certainly entertain and leave you amused A totally unique book that is recommended.

  9. Jimmy ray Jimmy ray says:

    This romantic comedy is about Toby, a young man who spent 18 months in prison and has now been released and must start over in life and find his way forward with his father and uncle locked up and his mother forced to move away Toby is on his own or is he Working in a small restaurant he meets two women who he is attracted to Brittany is destined to become his girlfriend while Ashley becomes his secret lover with some strange fantasies and desires which Toby tries to fulfill for her Ashley leaves suddenly after her accident only to return with new designs on getting Brittany The story is well written with just the right amount of romance and desires of the flesh Enjoyable read that will keep you interested from the first page to the final fling Check this one out folks The characters are well developed and relatable.

  10. Sara N McIntosh Sara N McIntosh says:

    While the subtitle of this book interested me the most, especially considering what we would all be able to do for a trash to treasure romance Definitely interesting, though it wasn t always one to keep me enthralled for long periods of time Something about it being about romance would make me think that there would be a little about Ashley s perspective of their relationship and what her intentions were in attempting to draw Toby to her, despite the trash that exists So, yes, several comic relationships, but I think they distract me away from the romance I expected in the title.

  11. Jose Popoff Jose Popoff says:

    But not the kind of romantic you might expect I do like a bit of romance here and there and, in all honesty, it is one of the things that called my attention from this book But then, it is not that type of romance I was necessarily looking for Don t get me wrong, the situations in the book involving romance were quirky and pretty hilarious.The reason why I give it four stars is that, even though I m ok with the book portraying the way it does with things, the first pages were a bit of a downer But then, you get used to it and pretty much enjoy the book.

  12. Nicki Nicki says:

    Barefoot Under The Moon is an aptly titled book for here the romance starts with the feet The story is dark, intense and unique and is filled with insecurities, rebelliousness, and retribution but also with kindness, politeness, and a warm and helpful heart.The story is about two gorgeous women and one handsome man that makes a poor love triangle There are lots of troubles and turbulence but ultimately the true love conquers by overcoming bad breaths, weird practices and a manipulative antagonist to end on a happy note.

  13. Archie Archie says:

    A story filled with romance, satire, comedy, humor and dark twists to make it interesting It s one of those reads that you at times get laughs and sometimes lets you wonder with its message The story is about Toby, who is just released from prison and wants to move on with his life, but is caught between two women Ashley, Britney at his workplace He likes Britney but also wants to make Ashley happy and as it s not possible for anyone to do dual travel he is caught up in the middle but with lots of twists true love wins.

  14. Customer Customer says:

    Richard Devall has written another page turning novel about devious and not so devious people with adventures and twists galore I really enjoyed this book, even the heavy for me descriptions of kinky sex I found myself repulsed about twice However, the style is great and the comedy endless Humans are up to all their usual tricks, and , in this excellent read, and the endless natural appallingness of it all is what makes Barefoot Under The Moon a great satire, farce and comedy What a mixed bag from an overtalented mind

  15. Lexie Craig Lexie Craig says:

    This is not my normal read, but I really enjoyed it The narrator s voice reminded me of Tom Robbins or Breakfast of Champions Just a fun, romantic book and I recommend it.