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Dennis is an ordinary boy who expresses himself in extraordinary ways Some children shout, some children sing, Dennis mimes But being a mime is lonely When Dennis meets a girl named Joy, he begins to discover the power of friendship and how special it can be Be A Friend subtly explores the world of children with autism and language barriers in an engaging and accessible way

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  1. Nunzia L Nunzia L says:

    Libro fantastico Non solo la storia ma anche le immagini sono meravigliose Consigliatissimo

  2. Vishakha Shroff Vishakha Shroff says:

    superb book heart warming everyone should read it

  3. Manuela Manuela says:


  4. Literacy Lover Literacy Lover says:

    This is the story of a boy named Dennis who is silent The picture on the cover gives you a clue hint white makeup mime What does it take to be a friend Readers of this book will discover that it really begins with face to face interactions and this may serve as a reminder to build friendships by understanding each other This story is all about honoring unique differences between individuals and being able to accept them as they are.This book will be perfect in any friendship unit and is worthy of multiple reads in order to mine the understanding present in the gorgeous pictures that add additional depth to the storyline

  5. Gingerbread Gingerbread says:

    This little book was just adorable I got it for my nephew who has been struggling to share toys with the little boy next door, and I have to say that these pictures were amazing I absolutely loved them, as well as the overall message Not only the message of friendship, but the idea that you don t have to be like everyone else in order to have friends You can just find friends who are like you Such a wonderful lesson for the little ones But also, a wonderful lesson for everyone

  6. Anne C. Bromley Anne C. Bromley says:

    How I love this delightful picture book for ALL ages Anyone who has ever felt outside the box will find solace in Dennis s story As an accomplished author illustrator, Salina Yoon has perfectly balanced minimal text with simple but expressive illustrations using subtle colors punctuated with red She deftly conveys Dennis s active imagination and his loneliness as well as the slow but sure friendship that changes his world I have no doubt that multiple reads by many over time will turn this uplifting book into an evergreen.

  7. Lindsay Barfield Hamilton Lindsay Barfield Hamilton says:

    We love this book It s an adorable story with beautiful pictures that teaches a valuable lesson in how to be a friend.

  8. Amber K Webb Amber K Webb says:

    Yoon hits the mark with this lovely tail of unlikely friendship This is a book that will often be used the first weeks of school to demonstrate the power of friendship and kindness in any form.

  9. Great Kid Books Great Kid Books says:

    This adorable friendship book follows Dennis, a little boy who only communicates through miming One day at school, he kicks an imaginary ball and to his surprise, Joy catches it and starts playing with him A delightful story about finding a kindred spirit and discovering a new friend.

  10. ladyinclover ladyinclover says:

    This book is good for beginning readers Not too many words on a page I can imagine the good discussion my grandson and I will have about this book Really neat pictures I am sure we will also be miming different things because of this book I think it is very educational and creative.

  11. Dean Headley Dean Headley says:


  12. Rox B. Rox B. says:

    Sweet story My 3 y o is a little too young for the concepts, but it is cool to flip the pages with her and talk about the pictures.

  13. Jordan Jordan says:

    I saw this at a bookstore so I decided to buy it on for the discounted price Very cute book so I bought it for my niece.

  14. Pam Pam says:

    Nice little story, this was a gift for my grandson, he likes it too.