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Edited by National Book Award finalist Ibi Zoboi, Black Enough is an essential collection of captivating stories about what its like to be young and blackA powerful collection that opens the readers eyes to the breadth and diversity of contemporary experience in America June Sarpong, author of DIVERSIFYBlack is male, Black is female, Black is straight, Black is gay, Black is urban, Black is rural, Black is rich And poor Black is mixed race, Black is immigrants, Black isThere are countless ways to be BLACK ENOUGHFeaturing some of the most acclaimed bestselling American black authors writing for teens today, Black Enough is an essential collection of captivating stories about what its like to be young and black Whether you are in America, the UK, or anywhere across the globe, this powerful collection of stories will remind you of our shared humanityWith an Introduction by June Sarpong, author of DIVERSIFYStories from Renee Watson, Varian Johnson, Leah Henderson, Lamar Giles, Kekla Magoon, Jason Reynolds, Brandy Colbert, Tochi Onyebuchi, Liara Tamani, Jay Coles, Rita Williams Garcia, Tracey Baptiste, Dhonielle Clayton, Justina Ireland, Coe Booth, Nic Stone and Ibi Zoboi

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  1. Robbie Robbie says:

    This is a collection of really readable short stories, but somehow it never quite did it for me I should admit that I only half read the description, and thought they were autobiographical stories, which they are clearly not Either way, I wanted to learn something new about being young and black in America and did I I m not really sure.Overall, over the course of a set of fun, mostly page turning, sometimes touching short stories, I learned that black american kids are kids, much the same as white British kids are kids With the exception of a few words I had to look up and bits of slang, I m not sure there was anything I learned here that I didn t know already from TV shows That may be because I ve watched a lot of TV shows which feature young black people in America, and have just been watching This Is Us, which deals with much nuance with the theme of a black person in a majority white community That crops up a few times here, as do the class divides that emerge in a socially aspirant population.I am also very aware that in the woke world we live in, there is a lot of messaging that goes on this collection clearly has an agenda, and with that in mind I realised it s hard to know if this is an accurate representation of being young and black in America.Overall, these are well written, enjoyable stories, sometimes touching, often intriguing Like all collections of short stories, it lacks something, for me, because just as you get to know the characters they disappear, but each of the writers in this collection have other novels, so you can use this to find out who you want to read next Only one of the stories was so odd dull that I found I had to skip it, and the last two were among the best, so make sure to read to the end.

  2. CerysAnne CerysAnne says:

    Black Enough is a collection of short stories written by seventeen authors none of whom I knew prior to reading this book, yet they re all now officially on my radar on being young and black in America, and I was really excited to dive into this novel luckily, I wasn t disappointed by it.Told either in first, second, or third person perspectives , this collection includes a variety of stories that made this reader experience many different emotions.Now, whilst some stories were fun and light hearted to read stories of unrequited crushes, being young, finding love and gaining freedom, other stories touched on life defining and serious moments a teenager could go through in their life moments of discovering ones sexuality, the power of music, a forbidden romance between rival families, the tragedy of death, suicide, family issues, along with dealing with racism, homophobia, and so much .It s 400 pages of two Introductions and seventeen unique and some powerful stories that I could not get enough of.When I wasn t laughing out loud and smiling big at the fun and entertaining stories included such as ones like Black Nerd Problems , Woah , Kissing Sarah Smart , and Into the Starlight I was devouring the meaningful story that was being told a story that made me think, feel, and listen to the message within like with Black Enough , Warning Color May Fade , Out of the Silence , Wild Horses, Wild Hearts , and The Trouble with Drowning.There is one story in particular Gravity by Tracey Baptise that is quite triggering as, told in second person perspective, this story shows how a young girl deals with being sexually assaulted in a public area, though being young and having made the first move, she weights the options on whether to tell or keep quiet as she knows from second hand experience that some, if not many people will twist her story on her and say she asked for it Whilst I liked the story, how it was written, and the way this author had me seeing the story play out so vividly in my mind, it was just too vivid for my taste, and considering it was told in second person perspective, it was hard to feel separate from the character, and left me feeling uncomfortable throughout the entire story.My reason for the four stars however, has to do with the fact that considering each story is a short story, the lack of a blurb to let us know not what the story was about but WHO left me feeling confused at times was I reading about a young girl, or a young boy Sometimes the gender, along with the characters name, wasn t revealed for pages later, and it made me struggle to connect with the story when I started reading one in a female s perspective, but all along it was a male s.Overall though, this collection was perfect and really delivered some unforgettable and impactful stories that I m still thinking about days later You ll either love them, or hate them each story is different enough to get a different reaction from its reader.I d definitely recommend this collection of short stories to anyone looking for one.TW sexual assault, words of racism and homophobia

  3. Book Gannet Book Gannet says:

    This is an excellent anthology of teenage life in current day USA I loved the range and depth of these stories dealing not only with race but love, family, religion, grief, school and social pressures with styles ranging from humour to heartbreak and even managing to include a couple of LGBTQ tales.They were all wonderfully different, although I was amused to note that most of the stories about boys dealt with romance one exception being Jason Reynolds The Ingredients , which was about food, that other teenage boy obsession The girl led stories were varied with school pressure, friendship troubles, grief, family problems and religion also playing a part.My favourites were probably Black Nerd Problems by Lamar Giles, because it made me laugh the most, and Stop Playing by Liara Tamani, which managed to be fun and thoughtful and kind of exasperating all at once But there are so many good stories here that it would be easy to pick a handful that I liked almost as much.In all this is a great collection There wasn t a single story I didn t enjoy, which is rare for me with an anthology, and I ll be eagerly shoving it into the hands of all the teen readers in my life.

  4. Margaret7 Margaret7 says:

    I loved reading this book Young black people seem to become visible to the wider world when they attain individual or group success, at times of personal or community disaster, or via the entertainment based media All of us, for the most part, only aware of our own small lives and experiences, struggle to understand the experiences of others, especially when they are do different from our own, due to who our ancestors are and where we live. So the lives of young black people in America are a world away from mine and, despite my heartfelt, furious anger at the injustices and worse constantly piled upon them and their families, I have a minimal idea of the day to day issues and relationships and minefields that populate their lives So, for me, this superb book has shone a clear light into some deeply personal aspects of people s lives and it is enlightening, insightful and very human Every piece was written by a well known black American author, so the style and focus of each was different, but that did not detract from the book Instead, it enhanced it It s not just what we communicate, but how, which makes the narrative catch the heart and mind Who we are, how we think and how we choose to fit into the world around us are crucial and life, after all, tends to be a collection of mostly small events, many of which have a major influence on our future direction This book gives us an up close and personal view of how life is for young black people in the USA, one which goes way beyond, and much deeper than, what we see in the media and it has done a wonderful job.

  5. ShayneyH ShayneyH says:

    Black Enough is an anthology of stories about growing up in America while being young and black These stories are written by different authors and there are so many stories within this anthology that stood out for me while I was reading it and have stuck with me since, opening me out to new authors.While reading these stories, I discovered that not only do these stories portray different struggles from different backgrounds of growing up black in America, but there was also within the stories They were about love, family, grief, friendship and how being black played a part in those factors.This is a really great anthology that not only gives a voice, but also provides an insight, that I really appreciated reading.

  6. catsholiday catsholiday says:

    I am not the biggest fan of short stories as I always feel I am just getting to know the characters and into the story when it ends and I have to start another The same happens in this collection and I felt I wanted to continue with some of the stories and see what happened to the various characters.That said, I did find the stories interesting and very varied and I even learned about some of the heavy metal groups my sons were are into which was something I wasn t expecting.The writers were all different authors and the stories very different too but they all fitted the theme and certainly made you aware of yet another challenge faced by black people in the USA particularly.I will certainly be looking out for other works by some of the authors in the selection and would recommend reading it if you have an interest in the challenges faced by people of colour generally and particularly in the USA today.

  7. TL Spencer TL Spencer says:

    I loved this short story collection captivating and wonderfully diverse stories of what it s like to be black in America Following different characters through varying paths male, female, urban, rural, rich or poor, mixed race, religion and this book explores the problems people face today and shows how and I quote there are countless ways to be black enough.While there are seventeen stories covering everything from love and loss to religious freedom and drugs my two favourites are HALF A MOON by Renee Watson and HACKATHON SUMMERS by Coe Booth The first is about sisterhood conquering bitterness, while the second is about the struggle with identity and religion.These are truly touching and thought provoking stories about the human condition.

  8. JuliaC JuliaC says:

    Short stories are not my favourite format but for young adults I think they are a great way of getting people reading I hadn t heard of these authors but looking them up I can see that they are published, accomplished writers So the nice thing is that if any one of these stories is found to be particularly captivating, then work from that writer can be sought out I think it is a massively positive thing to write about young black lives in such a powerful and truthful and often inspiring way The stories cover a range of people and situations but are well written They are set in the US but equally apply to the experience of being young and black in the UK today Great collection

  9. David Spanswick David Spanswick says:

    A rousing chorus of young black voices telling their experiences of living in a new century still haunted by previous ones.The stories here are as varied as any anthology but with the common theme of coming from a black experience the language used is contemporary a patois recognisable through music poetry and film.Each story takes you on a journey into a modern landscape both familiar and alien.There is a lot of joy in the stories a celebration of youth as much as racial identity.

  10. bookworm8 bookworm8 says:

    I really like the range of the stories in this collection The scene is effectively set by the two introductions, and continued in glorious depth and vitality by each succeeding writer The characters live on after each story finishes The writing is just as relevant to the UK as it is to the United States and book should, in June Sarpong s words, arm us with extra tools on your journey to make the world a fairer place and that is so essential for us all.Once you have read this book you will look around you

  11. Smallvillenews Smallvillenews says:

    This is a mixed bag of 17 short stories written by influential black American authors, which covers a wide array of life experiences of black individuals in the US It is an immersive read, which charts how black communities pull together in times of crisis and the fight for equality which still continues I d like to think we lived in a world where race was really no longer an issue, but for many, the experience is still unacceptable Suitable for readers around 13 plus.

  12. Colin F. Colin F. says:

    A very diverse book that I did not particularly enjoy but my partner loved it On that basis it is getting 4 stars as my partner wanted to give 5 but I did not enjoy it so deducted a star My partner loved the many short stories whilst I prefer one bigger story, maybe that is why I did not enjoy it as much.

  13. Magnum Valentino Magnum Valentino says:

    This book is fantastic I was teaching my students about Martin Luther King Jr And black history We read passages from this book which really inspired thoughtful discussion An important book , that is well written and fascinating to read 5stars are highly recommended.

  14. Fiona Fiona says:

    A montage of different authors, each with their own style, telling their tales It packs a powerful message and is a salutary reminder that racism is still out there I particularly enjoyed June Sarpong s contribution.

  15. Puff of joy Puff of joy says:

    Up close and personal writing which I devoured I loved every element of this book So well written and full bodied One I shall hold on to which will no doubt become wonderfully dog eared over the years.