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The Explosive Conclusion To The Runaway New York Times Best Selling And I Darken Series Some Loves Heal Others Destroy Haunted Over The Unknown Fate Of Nazira And Cyprian, Radu Is Called Back To The New Capital Mehmed Is Building An Empire, Becoming The Sultan His People Need But Mehmed Has A Secret As Emperor, He Is Powerful Than Everand Desperately Lonely Does This Mean Radu Can Finally Have With Mehmedand Would He Even Want It Lada S Rule Of Absolute Justice Has Created A Wallachia Free Of Crime But Lada Won T Rest Until Everyone Knows That Her Country S Borders Are Inviolable Determined To Send A Message Of Defiance, She Has The Bodies Of Mehmed S Peace Envoy Delivered To Him, Leaving Radu And Mehmed With No Choice If Lada Is Allowed To Continue, Only Death Will Prosper They Must Go To War Against The Girl Prince, Who Has Truly Become The Dragon Only By Destroying Everything That Came Before Including Her Relationships Can Lada Truly Build The Country She Wants But Mehmed Knows That He Loves Her He Understands Her She Must Lose To Him So He Can Keep Her Safe Radu Alone Fears That They Are Underestimating His Sister S Indomitable Will Who Will Live Who Will Die And Who Will Rule Triumphant Bright We Burn Is The Tumultuous, Edge Of Your Seat Conclusion To The Best Selling And I Darken Series Claim The Throne Demand The Crown Rule The World

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    The product was secondhand but it said it was in good condition Just had a minor bit of damage on the cover That minor bit of damage was a huge cut through the spine of the dustjacket which was fixed with sticky tape It looks stupid on my bookshelf next to 2 also secondhand of the previous books in this series in mint condition

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    This finale book was simply amazing I read it in a single day because I could not put it down until the very end Highly recommend

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    Pers nliche Meinung Radu held up a hand and mimicked writing a letter Dear Mehmed, he said, his voice singsongy My sister sends her regards, and wants you to know how much she admires your blood and wishes she could have seen of it All of it, in fact OMG Leute ich sags euch, dieses Buch es hat mich so mitgenommen Ich konnte es kaum erwarten, es endlich zu lesen und ich war schon nach Seite eins wieder voll dabei Auch wenn es ganz anders war, als ich es mir vorgestellt oder Gedacht habe, war es sogar irgendwie noch besser.Ich weiss gar nicht genau was ich sagen soll, ausser lest es I want you out of my country, Lada said, not taking her eyes off him.He smiled, as dark and secret as the night Then why did you invite me here I did no such thing Lada He moved past her feet, rubbing her tight claves You sent me men in boxes and an entire vassal state in turmoil From you, that is practially courtship Kiersten White hat es unglaublich gut geschafft, diese Reihe zu Ende zu bringen, auch wenn ich zwischendurch berrascht war, wie wenig brutal es war Nach ihrer grossartigen Ank ndigung I am so, so sorry hatte ich schon mit dem schlimmsten gerechnet Und nicht, dass es nicht schlimm w re, es war nur einfach anders lach Hab schon ein paar Tr nchen vergossen und bei 36 grad G nsehaut gehabt Lada und Radu sind mir so sehr ans Herz gewachsen Ich glaube von den Beiden k nnte ich glatt noch drei weitere B cher lesen Again, he was annoying her If you will not let me kill Stephen or Mathhias, who can we kill I ve made a comprehensive list Radu shuffled through his sheaves of parchment Ah Here it is Radu lifted a piece of parachment and held it out to her.Lada s eyes slitted to knife thin lines This is blank Exactly We are bulding, not burning Ich fand es unglaublich wie die Autorin die Charaktere dargestellt hat Wie brutal Lada war, wie sanftm tig Radu, die Beziehung zwischen Radu und Mehmed, die Beziehung zwischen Lada und Mehmed und ganz besonders die Beziehung zwischen Radu und Lada HAMMER I need you, Mehmed whispered I am right here, Radu answered Spoiler Ich fand es ein bisschen schade, dass Mehmed gegen Ende pl tzlich verschwindet.Ich fand es seltsam das Lada pl tzlich nicht mehr so kriegerisch war und mit Radu zusammengearbeitet hat.Ich fand Radu und sein Inner Circle ein bisschen too much.Ich h tte mir ein dramatischeres Ende gew nscht.Spoiler Ende This was the first time the three oft hem once inseparable had been in the same room since Lada left Everything had changed And nothing had Fazit W rdiges, emotionales Finale

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    Without Radu to gently push her in new directions, she was turning into the most brutal version possible of herself The quote above is both the culmination and problem with Bright We Burn, Kiersten White s final book in her trilogy about Vlad the Impaler if Vlad were a girl named Lada.Lada has grown truly ruthless now, willing to kill thousands and earn her nickname by displaying their bodies on stakes to cement her claim to the throne of Wallachia and free it from vassalage to the Ottoman throne This is in keeping with her character, but unfortunately so is the personal vendetta Lada wages at the same time against Mehmed, the Ottoman ruler Their tortured love results in even bloodshed and makes them both hard to like by the end.As a counterpoint, White presents Radu, Lada s brother, as an example of what can happen when a smart, capable person seeks love instead of power He doesn t become a legend like Lada or achieve Mehmed s lasting influence, but he also comes closer to finding peace than his childhood playmates It s a nice thought, and Radu is easily my favorite of the three I wonder if he was White s as well At one point, when he finally reconciles being gay with being devout, she has him say this I believe that God is merciful and great and beyond our comprehension And Nazira Radu s wife for appearance s sake always told me she feels closest to God when she feels love I think she is right In a way, love is the highest expression of faith in ourselves, in others, in the world I can expand my faith to allow myself happiness in this life, and trust in God s love and mercy after this life I liked this thought too.Yet even though Radu gets nearly as many point of view chapters as his sister, the story revolves around her Lada s evolution from captive to rebel to ruler remains the draw, and it s why I picked up the series in the first place A female Vlad the Impaler is a heck of a tagline So does it work I thought so through the first two books, but I m less sold after finishing the third White tries to make Lada sympathetic by having her upend the Wallachian social structure, empowering peasants on the basis of merit rather than birth I m not sure how accurate this is But if the real Vlad was in fact a populist, and the series was meant in part to suggest how he s been misunderstood and why he was willing to be so brutal casting him as a woman complicates that narrative Lada is ultimately fighting to take her place in a man s world her historical counterpart already had one.Bright We Burn also suffers from a weak ending, with the last several decades of Lada s life crammed into a few chapters But I m still glad I finished it White is a talented writer, and Lada a character worth following.I just wish I d liked her as much as her brother.

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    When I started this book I felt very clear of one thing There is no way Mehmed, Radu, and Lada would make it all out alive.It was also obvious that Lada would not take kindly to being told how to rebuild HER Wallachia.I will say that my initial conviction was, in a way, true But I won t spoil you those will be below the jump.Bright We Burn was everything the ending to a complex, deeply woven fantasy should be It also saw all the characters finally being true to themselves Lada was always true to herself, but Radu denied himself certain things because he was blindsided by his love for Mehmed, and Mehmed, even though he awarded Wallachia to Lada, was not happy by the way she was ruling and was ready and willing to go to war, as it seemed the son of Murad was always in the mindset for.Early in the novel, we learn from some peasants about Prince Lada and how she is perceived and everyone in Wallachia, minus the boyars are starting to experience prosperity in the way Lada intended.This was extremely fulfilling, right from the beginning, to see that she was able to do what she set out to do That her gut instincts were leading her people to a better tomorrow And she was doing what no prince had done before, yet she was a WOMAN Once again, the feminist tone could not possibly be ignored.It also sees Radu finally choose HIMSELF over Mehmed in so many ways, which was so incredibly refreshing To me, he d gotten a little annoying, but seeing him finally take a stand or some things was really satisfying.I gave this final installment 5 HEARTS because I felt it successfully wrapped up the story and each character s story line.Here s where it gets spoilery From the beginning of the book and really the end of Now I Rise , Mehmed has requested an audience with Lada, which she denies by killing all the Janissaries Mehmed sent to deliver the message and escort her and sends them back in boxes Next, when Lada is expecting a visit from Radu, she instead finds herself face to face with Kumal Pasha, who she has long harbored a grudge against, as she sees him as a wedge between her and Radu So she murders him.All the while Radu is off in Bursa he has finally heard from someone that Nazira is there and that she is safe after only just escaping the fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans.After her actions, Mehmed and Radu have no choice but to fight Lada with the intent of reinstalling one of the Danesti brothers to the throne While Lada s men and her clever trickery send him through a landscape of pitfalls and problems at every turn, seriously delaying their trip to Tirgoviste, they do eventually arrive to find the palace empty Lada and her people all of them, soldiers, families, peasants, are all at the fortress in the mountain.But none of this happens before Lada, like a moth to a flame, finds Mehmed again and they sleep together They negotiate the terms of a treaty, but Lada rethinks it and nearly kill Mehmed in the process and Radu nearly kills Lada.Not long after she and her people make it to the fortress, she is captured by Matthias, King of Hungary, who imprisons her and puts her nurse to work in the kitchen Luckily, Stefan has been posing as a cleaning worker, and after nearly four months, she escapes, and discovers that she is with Mehmed s child though she couldn t been 100% sure until after she was born, since she was sleeping with Bogdan, too.Together, Radu eventually finds a way to end the war and install first, himself as prince, but then, eventually reinstating Lada And when she gives birth, she gives the baby to Radu, Nazira, Fatima, and Cyprian, Radu s husband to be.I think the most satisfying part of this book was that Radu finally found love true love, not one sided love.I do wish we got to see of Lada s daughter as she was growing up The prologue was too little, too fast for me.But despite that, I still give this novel 5 HEARTS

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    I was not familiar with this author before picking up the first book in this trilogy in a thrift store, but I couldn t resist a Vlad the Impaler retelling that casts him as a bloodthirsty young woman The pace of the first book kept me pushing forward because ultimately it read as a traditional YA love triangle romance that didn t really spark my interest.Then the first book ended, and I instantly had to pick up the last two and read them in a whirlwind The politics were realistic and brutal The scenes of war maneuvering were just gasp inducing, and the I read the I began to love some characters and hate others when my initial impressions were the opposite In the end, Radu had my heart than any other character Lada was a badass that I began to love very fiercely, and Mehmed morphed into someone who was very difficult to respect or admire at all.I have recommended this series to so many people I wish I could erase my memory to reread this series fresh to experience the emotions all over again.I hope that Kiersten White writes books like this one Her earlier work doesn t really interest me that much, but I love this brutal direction she is going in Just incredible writing