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Every child in my life is getting a copy of this book So refreshing to see a smart, offbeat young girl save her town and those she loves by being true to herself Love it A great story told in fresh, snappy language. Nothing Prepares A Girl For Battling The Forces Of Evil Like The First Year Of Middle SchoolAmanda Price Adores All Things Bug Related From Spiders To Mantises Like, Seriously Loves Them Unfortunately Most Of Her Fellow Sixth Graders Do Not Share Her Invertebrate Obsession They Re Grossed Out By It Especially Amanda S Ex Best Friend, Emily, Who Thinks Amanda Is Creepy WeirdBut When Mysterious Invaders Menace The Town Of Oyster Cove And Take Both Amanda And Emily S Mothers Captive, Amanda Unexpectedly Develops Amazing Insectile Powers Newly Equipped With Antennae And A Glistening Exoskeleton She Uncovers A Secret That Changes EverythingNow Amanda Has To Act Fast Or Her Town And Her Mom Are Doomed There S Just One Complication She Needs Emily S HelpSuddenly Amanda S Worst Enemy Becomes Her Best Ally, But Working Together May Be Even Harder Than Saving Their Town From Being Squashed Like A Well BUG GIRL She S Got The BuzzSarah Hines Stephens And Benjamin Harper S B Ug Girl Is A Funny And Action Packed Superhero Adventure Filled With Green Illustrations And Sidebars Featuring Real Bug Facts An Imprint Book Bearing All The Campy Hallmarks And High Drama Of A Classic Superhero Romp, This Entertaining Tale Also Features Interesting Entomological Tidbits Throughout Kirkus Reviews The Villain Is Dastardly, The Heroes Are Staunch, And The Costumes Are Impressive, Making This High Quality Standard Superhero Fare With The Added Bonus Of Some Poignant Details Of How Even The Closest Friendships May Fade Amid The Social Pressures Of Middle School Bulletin Of The Center For Children S BooksTucks Both Middle School Fashion Advice And Insect Facts Into A Tale That Scuttles Along To A Wildly Destructive Climactic Battle Booklist Copies of this book are on the way to the niece and nephew, but while I had it in hand I decided to read it myself Lots of fun action, empowering characters, and interjected bug factoids make it a unique kids read that is enjoyable for adults, too I love the clever language and the retro feel but with a contemporary perspective It would have been great to have this book when I was a kid Glad to have it now, too I enjoyed reading this book, and I was impressed by the fact that it managed to teach me a few things about bugs along the way Despite the fantasy elements of the story, the characterizations seemed quite reasonable, at least as far as my memories of middle school go. This book should work well for middle school readers The angst, the need to be accepted, all those painful feelings at that age I particularly like that it gives the outsiders value. Great Book Entertaining and educational Great choice for your tween Grab one today