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What do we do when our children dont share our hopes for them In Child s Play, the world s favourite storyteller, Danielle Steel, explores how families can evolve and grow in unexpected waysYou think you know whats best for your grown up children But youll find they have lessons they can now teach youKate Morgan is an esteemed Manhattan lawyer After losing her beloved husband in a tragic accident, shes successfully raised their three children single handedly Now in their twenties, she slightly smugly feels that they are well set up to travel the path she planned Except why is her eldest daughter, Tamara, a high flying marketing executive, so secretive and why wont she commit to a relationship Then theres Anthony, Kates middle child, who is engaged to a wealthy New York socialite it will be the wedding of the year, so why doesnt he seem happy And as for her youngest daughter, Claire, at twenty six shes on a successful career path until she suddenly reveals shes in love with, in Kates opinion, the wrong manWe all know that life rarely turns out the way we plan for our children But its about listening, learning when to let go and letting them live the life that makes them happy

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  1. Sissel M. Østdahl Sissel M. Østdahl says:

    How she does it is a mystery, but Danielle Steel s books get better all the time I remember in the very beginning that her books might sometimes be overly sweet and romantic but how she has matured over time These days I enjoy each and every book immensely and also, I learn a lot Danielle Steel writes about all aspects of human life There is always something there which relates to something in my own life It may make me feel sort of at home in the book, but most of all it often teaches me something about my own experiences and give me useful answers Child s Play is about family, children, motherhood, marriage, divorce, present, past and new loves Well, you name it.This book covers it all.Three children mom Kate, a widow and lawyer live in New York City After the death of husband Dan several years ago her life has consisted of work and taking care of her children Tammy, Anthony and Claire are all clever and successful and have given their mother no problems Until suddenly one summer when everything seems to happen at once.This tells the story about Kate s relationship with her children and her own mother, and about the three grown up children who each have their own issues and life changes to deal with.It is all realistic and beautifully told Life is certainly not always easy but we all have to open up to those we love and show understanding and compassion.That a book can be both easy to read and at the same time so wise and serious and important, is simply a gift to the reader This is the kind of book one may wish would just go on and on At least I did not get enough of Kate s world, but what I got was perfect Thank you and my humblest admiration for Danielle Steel for continuing to share with us of her genius.All books coming in 2020 have been pre ordered.

  2. Jackie Colbert Jackie Colbert says:

    Loved this story It was very easy to read and follow and interesting Loved the nature of the characters and each of their stories and not knowing how well they would each turn outexcellent with a lovely happy ending

  3. Customer debi Customer debi says:

    Another well written bookKeeping me captured in the story from start to finishA truthful insight to a family s day to day lifeWell done DanielleCan t wait for the next new release

  4. Customer Seadream Carole Customer Seadream Carole says:

    This really was a lovely story I Absolutely loved it I didn t want this book to end Now I find myself waiting for Danielle Steels next book 5

  5. Customer Customer says:

    The book arrived promptly and was as described I have not read it yet but always love Danielle Steel books

  6. mrs ann robbins mrs ann robbins says:

    This was up to her usual standard of writing The book kept you spellbound to read on to the end.

  7. Moira Moira says:

    A great book Family life and all that goes with it Having a successful life after being g a young widow.

  8. Ian .j... Ian .j... says:

    Cant go wrong with danielle steel at christmas always out

  9. Sally Sally says:

    I really love Daniel steel books this was another good read

  10. Chantismere Mitch Chantismere Mitch says:

    Bought it as a Christmas Present for my mum, thanks for a speedy delivery and great price

  11. Maureen Smith-Thompson Maureen Smith-Thompson says:

    Brilliant book an excellent read

  12. Kim Kim says:

    Bought for myself loved it

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  14. Customer Customer says:

    Loved it

  15. Claire Littleford Claire Littleford says:

    This is the fastest I have read a book The story is heartening and very hard to put down The characters are very fitting in today s society making for a very realistic story.