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Larry McMurtry is a wonderful writer capturing not just the flavour of the West but with a talent for fleshing out even the most minor of his characters I love the way he uses humour in sometimes unexpected ways I came to his books through the Lonesome Dove mini series with Robert Duvall as Gus McCrae and Tommy Lee Jones as Woodrow Call They were obviously the perfect casting choices because e reading the books chronologically starting with Dead Man s Walk their characters leap off the page fully formed.I am still reading this book having caught the other prequel TV series including this one I know what happens in the main but that doesn t spoil the book in any way We have three men caught in uncomfortable romantic situations Gus having lost his enduring love Clara moved away married Call spending time with a pregnant Maggie but unwilling to commit not because of her profession but because he doesn t want to give up rangering settle down and Long Bill returning to town after an Indian raid to find his adored wife spoiled because of rape.Read the books in order and give yourself a real treat wonderful writing great stories This is, chronologically, the second in the Lonesome Dove series Call and McRae are now experienced rangers, spending their time defending settlers, fighting native Americans, and carrying out any other tasks found for them Like Dead Man s Walk the first in the series this book is episodic in form there are three sections, each separated by a few years In the first, they have a charismatic leader, Inish Scull, around whom, myths grow When his famous horse is stolen, he sets off on foot to recover it In later sections, the rangers continue their work whilst the Civil War rages to the north.Throughout the book, the central characters stories are interwoven with various tales, some short, some complex We follow the development of Call and McRae, and come to understand their motivations, strengths and flaws For those readers, like me, who read Lonesome Dove before the prequels, the author has done an extraordinary job in filling in their back stories to produce the men we meet in that novel There is also, over the two prequels, a sympathetic portrayal of the native Americans realisation that their way of life cannot survive.In general, the book has all the strengths of Lonesome Dove and Dead Man s Walk a light touch, sparse dialogue, a real feel for the time and place, and believable characters There is, I think, cruelty in this book than the others, but the world in which it is set was a cruel, brutish one, and it does contribute to the development of the main characters weariness It leads beautifully into the next book. McMurty is most know for Lonesdove, and quite fairly it is a stunning novel However the Lonesome Dove Series is incredible, and this novel gives us from the key protagonists in Lonesome Dove, and feel as though the reader is the third rider, riding alongside them through their adventures, heartbreak and decisions He has an ability to right with a sensitive touch despite the sometimes rough nature of some aspects of the book The characters are not perfect individuals but it is very hard to not to feel as though you would be or would want to be friends with them. I never used to read Westerns until I discovered Larry Mcmurty Lonesome Dove got me started then I just had to devour the other three Reading order from memory is Commence Moon.Dead Man s walkLonesome Dove,Streets of Laredo, I read Lonesome first being unaware of the series Just get these books and hold Mcmurty wholly responsible for your temporary departure from the commitments of your normal existence. Ottimo The second book in the Lonesome Dove quartet, Comanche Moon, which follows on from Dead Mans Walk and prequels Lonesome Dove, follows ranchers Gus and Call in their bitter struggle to protect the advancing West frontier against the defiant Comanches, courageously determined to defend their territory and their way of life, and showcases Larry McMurtrys strong affinity for the landscape and its inhabitants with a deeply felt lyrical intensityOn the wild Texas frontier where barbarism and civilization come in many forms, Rangers Gus McCrae and Woodrow Call are pitched into the long, bitter, bloody fighting under the command of Captain Inish ScullWhen Sculls favourite horse is stolen by the Comanches, he decides to track him down, leaving Gus and Call in charge However, on their return to Austin, Gus is greeted by the news that his sweetheart is to marry another man and Call finds that the towns most notorious woman is desperate to settle down with him and become respectable When Sculls wealthy wife demands that her errant husband be brought home, with feelings akin to relief the two men set off once into the vast, untamed plains