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I knew that the musical, Come From Away, was quite successful However, since I was living in Manhattan on that fateful 9 11, I thought that I would never see Come From Away I thought that it would bring back too many memories of an impossibly stressful, sad and difficult time Then, this past spring, a friend got tickets for us and off we went, only for me to conclude that Come From Away was a fantastic show and one that was uplifting I immediately began proselytizing for this musical, telling friends to see it Of course, not everyone can get to Broadway, but this book will give readers a rich flavor of the play and its context.Illustrated with photos of Gander and its surroundings, with sections on history and context, comment and information on the folks whose creation it was the authors of this book, by the way , interviews with the cast and residents, and dialogue from the play s book, Come From Away includes so much.Given how much I loved the show and the people of Gander as they were portrayed, I was absolutely thrilled to be given an e galley of this title by NetGalley and the publisher, in return for an honest review I give it 4.5 5 stars. It Does What All The Best Musicals Do Takes You To A Place You Never Want To Leave Joe Westerfield, NewsweekThe Catharsis We Need In This American Moment Ben Brantley, The New York TimesThis Miraculous Masterpiece Is Totally, Soul Feedingly Wonderful A Beautifully Crafted Hymn To The Power Of Community Time OutIrresistible And Inspiring It Takes All Of Ten Seconds To Be In This Show S Generous Embrace It S A Musical That Gets Everything Right The TimesA Moving, Irresistible Show That Unapologetically Champions Kindness Financial TimesThis Timeless And Emotionally Fulfilling Musical By Irene Sankoff And David Hein Is A Celebration Of Hope And Optimism Johnny Oleksinski, New York PostNOT JUST A SPARK OF LIGHT IN A DARK TIME IT S A SPOTLIGHT OF BLAZINGLY BRIGHT PROPORTIONS I CAN T IMAGINE A MUSICAL WE NEED MORE RIGHT NOW TRULY REMARKABLE GLORIOUS AND LIFE AFFIRMING Entertainment WeeklyA Big Hearted, Feel Good Musical The New York TimesThis Is The Show We All Need Right Now The Sunday TimesTHIS STORY TOUCHED THE WORLD AND CELEBRATES THE BEST THAT WE CAN ALL BE It Speaks To What People Really Feel In Their Hearts I Ve Seen Come From Away Twice And I M Still Very Moved By It We Need It, Especially Right Now Tom Brokaw, NBC News Come From Away Welcome To The Rocka Fully Illustrated Companion Volume To The Hit Tony Award Winning Broadway Musical, Featuring The Book And Lyrics For The First Time In Print, Backstage Stories And The Real History Behind The Show S Events, Character Design Sketches, And Songs That Ended Up On The Cutting Room FloorThe Tony Award Winning Broadway MusicalCome From Away Tells The Remarkable True Story Of A Small Town That Welcomed The World On September Planes And , Passengers Were Forced To Land In The Provincial Town Of Gander, Newfoundland The Local Residents Opened Their Arms To The Displaced Visitors, Offering Food, Shelter, And Friendship In The Days That Followed, Cultures Clashed And Nerves Ran High, But Uneasiness Turned Into Trust, Music Soared Into The Night, And Gratitude Grew Into Enduring FriendshipsCome From Away Welcome To The Rock Is The Ultimate Companion Piece To Irene Sankoff And David Hein S Smash Hit Musical Based On That Extraordinary Experience Featuring The Complete Book And Lyrics For The First Time In Print, A Foreword By Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, And Exclusive Photos Of The Company And Physical Production, This Essential Companion Also Includes Original Interviews With Passengers, Gander Residents, And The Actors Who Portray Them The Narrative By Theater Historian Laurence Maslon Details The Events Of That Memorable And Challenging Week And Also Traces The Musical S Development From The Ten Year Reunion Of Residents And Airline Passengers In Gander, Where The Idea For The Musical Was Born , To The Global Phenomenon It Is TodayCome From Away Welcome To The Rock Gives An Unprecedented Look Behind The Curtain And Demonstrates Why The Story Has Touched So Many So Deeply Because We Come From Everywhere, We All Come From Away On September 11, 2001, four planes carried out an assault on the United States Immediately all airspace in the US was closed Airplanes that were enroute to locations within the states were diverted to other countries The airport in Gander, Newfoundland, received 38 planes The town itself had fewer than 10,000 residents The planes carried a total of 6,579 people No one knew when the planes would be able to leave or were they would be going But all the people were housed, fed, clothed, and much.Irene Sankoff and David Hein, two Canadian playwrights, were intrigued by the stories and went to the ten year anniversary get together in Gandor From the people they met there and their stories, they wrote musical COME FROM AWAY It tells of those planes, passengers, crew, and the residents of Gander and some surrounding towns during the five days of the emergency.The play garnered several Tony nominations, winning one While it was not named the best musical of the year, it is the best play I have seen in than a decade When the audiences refused to leave after the house lights went on, continuing to applaud and cheer until the orchestra had left the stage, I knew I wasn t the only one who felt that way.COME FROM AWAY AN INSIDE LOOK AT THE HIT MUSICAL is an annotated exploration of the musical from its development to success on stage It provides a complete script along with side notes and parts that were cut A lot of copy is devoted to the back stories as well as the actual people who were involved in Gander that fateful week and concludes with an update on many of the people who are portrayed in the production.COME FROM AWAY is very well written, engrossing, uplifting, story of people meeting a crisis and rising to absorb and conquer it It includes ups, downs, and lots of humor It s first person history of an event that touched almost everyone in the US on 9 11, an event that still affects us and our country If you haven t seen the play yet, the book will provide a lot of background that will explain some of the things delivered on stage If you have seen it, it will add a lot to your understanding of those momentous days. Great book Whether you ve seen the show or not, this is a great addition to your library. I m seeing the musical for the second time and highly recommend it If it comes near you, don t miss it A different 9 11 story when 38 jumbo planes landed in Gander, Newfoundland and stayed five days.