[Lesen] ➳ Crown of Oblivion Nach Julie Eshbaugh – Stg2bio.co

In This Mesmerizing YA Fantasy Mash Up Of The Road Meets The Amazing Race, One Girl Chooses To Risk Her Life In A Cutthroat Competition In Order To Win Her Freedom In Lanoria, Outsiders, Who Dont Have Magic, Are Inferior To Enchanteds, Who Do Thats Just A Fact For Astrid, An Outsider Who Is Indentured To Pay Off Her Familys Debts She Serves As The Surrogate For The Princessif Renya Steps Out Of Line, Astrid Is The One Who Bears The Punishment For It But There Is A Way Out The Life Or Death Race Of Oblivion First, Racers Are Dosed With The Drug Oblivion, Which Wipes Their Memories Then, When They Awake In The Middle Of Nowhere, Only Cryptic Cluesand A Sheer Will To Livewill Lead Them Through Treacherous Terrain Full Of Opponents Who Wouldnt Think Twice About Killing Each Other To Get AheadBut What Throws Astrid The Most Is What She Never Expected To Encounter In This Race A Familiar Face She Cant Place Secret Powers She Shouldnt Have And A Confusing Memory Of The Past That, If Real, Could Mean The Undoing Of The Entire Social Structure That Has Kept Her A Slave Her Entire Life Competing Could Mean Deathbut It Could Also Mean Freedom