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* I read this as an entry for the #SPFBO as I'm a judge *I didn't finish this, it's 100% not the sort of book which gels well with me as it's told through a series of short chapters each introducing a new character or showing a snippet of a character returning I actually love books with lots of characters and tend to gravitate towards them often, but this felt too much like a snapshot and not enough like I was discovering who a character was I really struggled to care about any of the characters when they were only there for a few pages before someone new came along, and I think that the themes of the story also didn't click with me This book is well written, and it's definitely a case of personal taste which makes this book not for me I think the writing was solid and the descriptions we're good, but it was the layout of the book structure and the plot overall which just never drew me in enough I know other reviewers have enjoyed this farthan I have, and I think it'sstylistic than anything else because I'd say this is aiming to be a thrillerstyle of readthan a big fantasy Personally, I need something engaging straight away to capture my attention for this sort of book, and here I didn't really get that On the whole, I think the concept of a world of criminal crime lords and superheroes and individual stories which a link to sounds good, but it just never gave me the excitement I wanted or the connection It's definitely not a bad book, it's just not a book for me unfortunately DNF. Aside from the Big Two [Marvel DC:] the literary landscape is suffering from a lack of original super hero content When Wizards of the Coast started their Original Voices lines I saw this book as something Wizard's might jump on to turn into a new RPG landscape However, that has yet to happen.I will say this, readers looking for a book that will have you cheering out loud during the final fight, here's a book for you It starts off grim in the face of the destruction of the world's premiere heroes In come three relative newcomers with a deck stacked firmly against them nearly 2to1 I am a huge fan of triumph over adversity and this book showcases that trait completely I just wish Rob would be given the chance to continue to explore this compelling world. With an alliterative name like Rob Rogers, it was obvious that the author was destined to write a superherobased novel And, indeed, that's what Devil's Cape is It's a thriller about superheroes (with a bit of piratey goodness thrown in) set in the seedy, corrupt city of Devil's Cape, a mix of Batman's gloomy Gotham City and a darker version of New Orleans Powered villains rule the city until a trio of reluctant heroes step forward to bring a little light and hope to the place.There aren't many original superhero novels out there; most superhero books seem to be tieins to existing comic book properties Those original stories that do exist tend to be pretty good and this book is certainly no exception.Like many first superhero books, this includes the obligatory origin story But not just for one or two characters It's the origin of around ten of them! Those characters are very different, interesting and realistically depicted And yet they're still firmly in the superhero genre i.e they wear costumes and give themselves codenames like 'Doctor Camelot' The book is dark evil and corruption are everywhere and people die in horrible ways and yet not overwhelmingly bleak or too adult to be offputting Overall, it's a good, gripping read.This is Rob's first book but it doesn't read like it It's engaging and well written I'd heartily recommend this to anyone who enjoys unusual thrillers or action stories, especially those with a superhuman theme to them. I’m in a bit of a superhero reading focus at the moment, and this book Rob Roger’s Devil’s Cape came up as a recommendation as one I’d possibly like Imagine my surprise when I came to buy it, only to find that I had downloaded it and apparently read it already.Opening to read it I discovered why it hasn’t left any lasting impact in my memory I really don’t like this book.It’s not the fault of the author, is writing is quite clear, clean and relatively engaging I think perhaps the main problem lies with the organisation of this novel It is written in a series of small chapters with each taking place in a different time and focusing on a different character as (essentially) the protagonist in that section.The story begins three decades before the “main” plot, and I got a rather unsettling feeling of reading a number of different short stories with each finally coming together to paint a picture of an overall plot arc This is not my favourite kind of novel style and I think that really disengaged me from enjoying reading this book. A superhero thrillerDevil's Cape, Louisiana Founded by pirates Ruled by villains Desperate for heroesIn , the masked pirate St Diable created the city of Devil's Cape as a haven for his men and a place to begin his empire Pirates gave way to outlaws, who gave way to gangsters, who gave way to gangs and organized crime But the city has never escaped from its shroud of violence and corruptionAnd now a stunning, murderous act has made Devil's Cape dangerous than ever Someone needs to protect the cityThree people are willing to try Jason Kale, part of a criminal family, who hides the abilities of Greek heroes Cain Ducett, a psychiatrist and former gang member, who finds that he is turning into a monster Kate Brauer, genius engineer, daughter of a slain superhero, who has lost than most to the city and its criminals But they're outnumbered and overpowered Can they possibly make a difference? A common problem I have with superheroes in the real world novels (i.e Wildcards) is that they tend to revel in dark, Rrated violence and cynicism Fortunately, Devil's Cape succeeds without having to resort to that darker level of storytelling It also does a fine job of capturing the appeal of the comic book superhero within the context of the fictional city of Devil's Cape, Louisiana Author Rob Rogers gives the city a vivid history and unique personality for the cast to play off of, as well as a great cast of supervillains for our heroes to protect it from The ending of the book felt a bit rushed, but other than that, I found the story interesting and engaging If you're a fan of comic book superheroes (or superhero movies), give this book a try! So, it's funny, because you hear superhero, and I at least expect something *totally* different from the gritty feel of this book Think Heroes but darker and larger in scope No, that's a poor attempt at a generic description think The Godfather with an LA Confidential feel, but with capes.It's a noir/gangster/realistic take on superheroes in Louisiana Noir can sometimes be a little slow for me, but this book, so far, is expertly plotted, drawing me right along Oooh, and carnies! Did I mention that there are carnies? You know you'd love to see a bunch of freaks turn superhero! I absolutely loved this book I read the synopsis about new superheroes rising to take the place of the old, in a city that had none, and I thought of the Watchmen It was nothing like that, it had it's own story The characters and city were described in such a way that you could see it as real It's darkly engaging, wellwritten, and shows depth in all of the characters I couldn't put it down And I can't wait for the next one. From the Ancient Greek origins in the opening pages through to the Iron Maninspired legacy hero and the Dr Jekyl/Mister Hyde bat creature, Rob Rogers brought three major strands of superhero fiction together His fictional city is a good choice as he can weave through his own mythology rather than take a real city and add it as an alternate history kind of thing Devil's Cape has a great cast of characters, from the heroes to the cynical bystanders and the circusthemed villains.Each of the three main characters has their own origin story in the book so it works really well as a getting on point for superhero stuff Unfortunately there's no follow up story although there are a couple of short stories around and Hey! That was a totally satisfying and fun way to spend an afternoon! Not great, not entirely unclunky, but not bad! Rogers obviously needs to spend a little bittime in Louisiana, as the titular city does not feel as though is could actually exist next to New Orleans But if you don't know LA, you probably won't care The idea of superheroes in prose fiction is still something I find a little silly, although Soon I Will Be Invincible was surprisingly good Here it feels a little like the author wishes he had a comic book But Devil's Cape is a pretty well written adventure yarn, and I'm sure that soon enough we'll have a sequel This would make a good readonthebus sort of book.