Prime Did You Ever Wonder: The Story of the Bab as a ChildAuthor Will van den Hoonaard –

Did You Ever Wonder A Story About the Bb as Child is a childrens story about the early life of the Bb The Bb is the Forerunner of one of the worlds fastest growing religions today, the Bah Faith Using carefully gathered information about the Bb, author Will C van den Hoonaard has created a unique story that will interest children between the ages ofandArtist Gloria Savoie, one of Eastern Canadas better known artists, has specially created unique drawings to accompany the storyWill C van den Hoonaard is Professor Emeritus at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada He has written a number of books on a large variety of topics One of his latest books, Map Worlds A History of Women in Cartography was the subject of an interview in National Geographic Born in the Netherlands, he has also lived, studied or worked in France, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Iceland He was Alternate Representative of the Bah International Community at the United Nations in New YorkGloria Savoie lives in Miramichi City She graduated om the New Brunswick Community College Miramichi Art Fundamentals Program, and is recipient of Arts New Brunswick Creation Awards and Annual Juried Art Prizes Her work is meant to express the reverence she feels for humankind, for creation, and for nature Children and animals are her most frequent subjects in art Her artwork is meant to celebrate humankinds nobility She is also interested in creating artwork that tells the story of Miramichi