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From Michael Crichton, theNew York Times bestselling author of Jurassic Park, comes a thrilling adventure set in the Wild West that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last If you thought Jurassic Park was an adventure, you should try the Wild WestIn the lawless territories of the Wild West, two teams of explorers are pitted against one another Their quarry Dinosaur bones But in a land filled with hostile Indian tribes and towns where pistol fights are a daily occurrence, every exploit puts their lives in dangerWilliam Johnson, a student with privilege than sense, finds himself plunged into this deadly environment after making a brash wager Alongside Edwin Drinker Cope, the famed adventurer, he stumbles upon a momentous discovery dragon teeth of a fantastic size But to keep this extraordinary treasure safe, William must first confront some of the Wests most dangerous and notorious characters

12 thoughts on “Dragon Teeth: From the author of Jurassic Park and the creator of the original Westworld (English Edition)

  1. Laura Tolomei Laura Tolomei says:

    Crichton s pungent humor blends in with this historical adventure to spin an intriguing yet witty tale that kept me hooked until the last page True that Michael Crichton is one of my favorite authors ever, but I didn t know how funny and ironic he could be This work was therefore an unexpected surprise, and it thoroughly delighted me.I would recommend this book to anyone with a high sense of adventure, a curiosity for the history of the US expansion in the West, a bonding with the fate of the American Indians, but mostly the propensity to make fun of people and situations no matter how dire their conditions.

  2. Giancarlo Nannini Giancarlo Nannini says:

    Boring, slow nothing to do withMichael Crichton worth 0,99 maximum Excellent as sleeping pill clearly written by other people

  3. Eliza Wing Eliza Wing says:

    Fantastico, mi piaciuto tantissimo e mi ha riportata in un epoca stupenda in cui la paleontologia era un avventura pericolosa ed emozionante.

  4. John Hopper John Hopper says:

    It is over ten years since Michael Crichton passed away, and this is the third novel of his published posthumously According to an afterword by his widow, the text of this novel was written in 1974, and presaged his famous interest in dinosaurs through the Jurassic Park franchise This novel is set during the so called Bone Wars of the 1870s, when bitter rival archaeologists Professors Cope and Marsh competed using unscrupulous tactics to identify, disinter and preserve dinosaur bones found in then remote parts of the USA, in this case the Black Hills of Dakota, sacred to the Sioux Native Americans The central character is a fictional student William Johnson who during the course of the story works for both professors, is attacked by numerous parties of Native Americans and Western gunslingers, while trying to preserve some of the bones from Cope s expedition, from which he was separated, believed to have been killed in an ambush This is a decent page turner and a very quick, superficially enjoyable read, but lacked substance for me.

  5. Alanqa Alanqa says:

    Not what I was expecting but a good read all the same The picture is misleading though The dragon teeth of the title do not belong to the T Rex skull pictured on the front I thought it would be about the discovery of the first Tyrannosaurus It isn t I won t say any I don t feel a huge presence of Michael Chrichton in this book, it feels like it was pieced together from rough notes and as a consequence, it s no Jurassic park, but if you are interested in palaeontology then it is a pretty good novel.

  6. A. Hunter A. Hunter says:

    Pretty disappointing book It was put together by others after Michael Crichton s death from notes etc he had left and it shows This wasn t clear when I downloaded it

  7. stevieb stevieb says:

    A great entertaining read,as per Michael Crichton books well researched,informative,and just a Great read,loads of adventures for the unlikely hero,and great descriptions of a lawless wild west,funny as well,am revisiting this great author,and this was a unknown gem to find,thoroughly recommended

  8. C Matthews-Dewing C Matthews-Dewing says:

    I am a bit biased as i love Michael Crichton s books.Again a fab read, with a slightly different tone to the story compared to other books i have written by Crichton.If you like Crichton do buy, but be prepared it is slightly different.History, American, Paleontology, exploration fans will especially like this book.

  9. SDS SDS says:

    Initially pleased to find a Michael Crichton book I hadn t read but this bears no resemblance to those other novels I found it dry and the characters one dimensional, a real disappointment

  10. Holly "Ragdoll Reads" Hodson Holly "Ragdoll Reads" Hodson says:

    This book is really good fun it s got plenty of excitement and action, and it isn t just about dinosaur bones There s death, betrayal, espionage, a wild west shootout all based around a historical scientific expedition.

  11. dieleseratz dieleseratz says:

    Wie immer, gingen die Erben mal wieder auf die Suche nach unver ffentlichten Manuskripten und so fand auch die Witwe, wie sie im Nachwort schrieb, dieses unver ffentlichte Werk, das Jahrzehnte in einer Schublade schlummerte.Und der Autor wusste schon, warum er es nicht ver ffentlichte Denn es entspricht berhaupt nicht der gewohnten Klasse und Qualit t1 Unspannende, langatmige Geschichte mit Logikl chern2 Keine spannende Verbindung Symbiose von Wissenschaft, Technik und Abenteuer wo wie man es vom Autor gew hnt ist2 Holprige Sprache man merkt, dass der Autor hier noch bte3 Holzschnittartige Protagonisten, die nicht ber hren und fesseln k nnenInsgesamt ein Werk, das die Welt nicht braucht und das Michael Crichton nicht zur Ehre gereicht.Manches sollte einfach in Schubladen liegen bleiben.Fazit Dann lieber wieder Jurassic Park aus dem Regal holen ein echter Crichton

  12. Danny Melville Danny Melville says:

    Wow what a book, only wish this book had been published before Jurassic park a great book by a great author thanks