[[ download Audiobooks ]] Emperors of the Ice: A True Story of Disaster and Survival in the Antarctic, 1910-13Author Richard Farr – Stg2bio.co

Apsley George Benet Cherry Garrard has always dreamt of becoming an explorer So in the spring of , when Captain Robert Falcon Scott offers young Cherry the position of Assistant Zoologist aboard the Terra Nova, Cherry considers himself the luckiest man alive Cherry s luck, however, will soon change Far off in the icy unknown of Antarctica, where temperatures plummet belowF, exploration is synonymous with a struggle for life Frostbite, scurvy, hidden ice chasms, and packs of hungry killer whales are very real dangers But even these perils don t prepare Cherry for the expedition he and two other crew members embark upon to collect the eggs of Emperor penguins Along the way, he will face the elements head on, risking life and limb in the name of scienceRife with captivating details of survival in an icy wilderness, this reimagining of the famousexpedition to the South Pole, told in Cherry s voice, is an unforgettable tale of courage and camaraderie