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What An Amazing Book.Seriously, I finished this book after feverishly reading it for about three days, and I just sat there thinking about it for about two hours before I could go to sleep It was brilliant.Character development, amazing plotlines and twists, brilliant originality all things that went into Evil Genius I spent today driving around to multiple bookshops to try and find the sequel, but so far I've only found the third in the series and I'm DYING TO READ IT!Highly, HIGHLY recommended. Eh It was ok, but it seemed like it might be too long and a bit boring in parts for the intended middlegrade audience At least I think that's the intended audience.Sort of reminded me of Artemis Fowlbut not as good Still, I love the idea of an Evil Child Genius There's a good chance I'll give the next book a shot for that reason alone. Cadel Piggott has a genius IQ and a fascination with systems of all kinds At seven, he was illegally hacking into computers Now he's fourteen and studying for his World Domination degree, taking classes like embezzlement, misinformation, forgery, and infiltration at the institute founded by criminal mastermind Dr Phineas Darkkon Although Cadel may be advanced beyond his years, at heart he's a lonely kid When he falls for the mysterious and brilliant KayLee, he begins to question the moral implications of his studies for the first time But is it too late to stop Dr Darkkon from carrying out his evil plot?An engrossing thriller with darkness and humor, freaks and geeks, Evil Genius explores the fine line between good and evil in a strange world of manipulations and subterfuge where nothing is as it seems I'm not sure why I picked this audio book up, but I'm glad that I did It was a lot of fun the characterization of the main character, a child, was very well done His motivations, extreme intelligence in some areas complete blindness in others was excellent It was quite an adventure, too.The reader was perfect for me Her accent high voice fit the book well.On the downside, the author obviously doesn't know much about computers they are a major part of the story Her technobabble made me cringe at times Sounded like something I'd hear on TV Blech There are a couplebooks in this series I might listen to the next in a while Not sure This story was pretty long for a YA book I pretty much got my fill wasn't looking for . I am horribly conflicted by this book While the first part was interesting, watching a young child struggle with his intellect, learning as well as school, it got rather boring when he enrolled in the school for evil geniuses Which wasn't really what was advertised on the tin It slowly managed to get to a climax with a few twists and turns, when the action finally got started and the book got interesting, and then it ended, with no real resolution I am unsure if I will read the next in the series. Cadel Piggett is a smart boy with a genius IQ and loves computers of all kinds He can hack into other systems and do other atrocious things and his psychiatrist Thaddeus is guiding him through life When he finds out that his father is an evil criminal mastermind and runs a school for evil known as the Axis institute, he goes not knowing of his father's dark intentions Can he stop his father's dark plans before it is too late? Read on and find out for yourself.This was a pretty good YA audiobook If you like books about good and evil, def check it out You can find the audiobook and book version of this book at your local library and wherever books are sold. When we meet Cadel Piggot, he’s only seven years old and he’s just gotten into trouble with the law for hacking into some very wellguarded databases Cadel’s adoptive parents take him to a therapist, Thaddeus, who becomes one of Cadel’s only trusted confidants Because of his genius IQ, his lack of social skills (and lack of interest in most other people), and his interest in highly technical subjects, Cadel attends a special elementary/middle school His teachers try to engage him, but Cadel is only focused on his own interests, and he mostly creeps everyone out During this time, Cadel learns (from Thaddeus) that his real father is a brilliant crime lord by the name of Dr Phineas Darkkon And his father wants him to keep on doing like he’s doing.By the age of 12, Cadel is already in high school, and none of the high school kids like him either But, by then, Cadel, under Thaddeus’ and Dr Darkkon’s direction, is following his own separate course of study – train systems and schedules, and then the complex lives and relationships of his fellow students He’s mostly interested in how to break these systems, which has rather interesting and disastrous consequences for the systems and people involved Cadel works a nice piece of revenge on his classmates and none of them – for one reason or another – graduates on time After graduation, Cadel is encouraged to enroll in a special college that his father created just for his benefit; it’s called the Axis Institute There, Cadel takes classes in forgery, computers, money laundering, and other nefarious subjects His fellow classmates spend their free time causing mayhem and making attempts on one another’s lives Cadel, however, is deeply involved in a little project he started back in high school – Partner Post It’s an online dating website with a subscription fee (this is how Cadel makes his money), and Cadel plays the part of the “true matches” – emailing each of his subscribers messages from fake persons Cadel has developed an online relationship with one of his clients, Kay Lee, and when things go dreadfully wrong at the Institute, they meet up in real life to try and figure out what’s going on.There is a lot that’s hidden from Cadel, and as stumbles upon the many secrets others have been keeping, he learns that no one has been telling him the truth Finding the answers for himself allows Cadel to find his own freedom from the people who want to control him But now he has to decide what kind of person he wants to be Through learning to care for Kay Lee (aka Sonja), and for his friend Gazzo, Cadel discovers that he isn’t completely misanthropic or evil – which makes him a bad fit to take over his father’s empire This was a rather complex novel – lots of character development and technical details Cadel is initially difficult to identify with, as he’s so alienated from other people and emotionally detached from the implications of his actions, but his technical prowess and, ultimately, his transformation, are fascinating This should be appreciated by sophisticated teen readers who enjoy a wellcrafted technological mystery. This is a book I probably wouldn't have picked up on my own Partly because I'm just not in the habit of giving books without plot blurbs much attention, and partly because I don't pay much attention to the YA section.It was absolutely wonderful to read a book written on this level this is seriously not a book for people who have trouble with simple html formatting, and technobabble (serious and humorous) abounds The plot is solid and complex, and even when I felt like I had a grasp on what was going on I was still on edge because I felt like there might be a twist coming that would prove me wrong I did pretty much guess the reveal in the second chapter, but the many twists on the way to it made it quite satisfying.The pace is pretty steady throughout, fast enough to not be slow, but the story takes its time to unfold The characterization is fascinating none of the characters being drawn with a broad brush and character development is one of this book's strongest aspects I have only one real disappointment with the book, and that is I felt like one side character got a lot of build up that went nowhere I hope he appears in the next book :) Few pleasures are quite as sublime as reading a book, enjoying it, and only afterwards realizing that you're familiar with the author Ask me who Catherine Jinks was before I read Evil Genius and you'd have met with a blank stare accompanied by some rapidfire blinking Only after I read and enjoyed her latest did I put two and two together Catherine Jinks = Pagan's Crusade = Catherine Jinks = Evil Genius! The Pagan series is probably one of the best too little appreciated historical fiction series of books for kids out there, so it came as little surprise that Jinks was also the author of this little jewel Evil Genius is highconcept with a high quality product From here on in, I'm putting Catherine Jinks on the top of my Must Read pile for as long as she keeps on writing.Cadel Piggott; genius No two ways about it He's just a kid, but you should see his resume Getting caught by the police for hacking into mainframes by the time he was seven Causing massive commuter blockages at eight Managing to get his entire twelfth grade class flunked at the age of thirteen It shouldn't surprise anybody then that Cadel's father is none other than criminal genius Dr Darkkon, currently serving life in prison That doesn't stop the man from influencing Cadel with the help of the boy's psychologist (and Darkkon's right hand man) Thaddeus Roth Now Cadel's enrolled in Darkkon's very own Axis Institute While there he'll be taking classes in Law (loopholes), Personal Presentation (disguise), Cultural Appreciation (forgery), and Computer Science (infiltration) Problem is, Cadel's grown fond of a woman he met while running a fake online dating service This tiny contact with someone outside his intimate circle proves to be just enough to get him to start questioning his very life Before he knows it, he discovers secrets that might very well make it impossible to escape from the geniuses around him.Words Put them together in just the right order and watch as it becomes easy to distinguish the fantastic authors from the mundane pack Jinks knows how to write, pure and simple Take page four of the book Upon meeting a secretary with teeth the color of coal the book simply states, Her mouth looked as if it belonged to an older, harsher century That is so good To the point and remarkably descriptive Actually, not to change subjects on you (summary: words = good) but how awesome are Thaddeus's henchmen and henchwomen in this book? People like the huge woman with the nasty black teeth and the man with gills James Bond himself couldn't have encountered better.When all is said and done, I liked Evil Genius very much indeed The book is just dying for a sequel, but that doesn't mean this first novel doesn't stand entirely on its own Jinks, no stranger to the series format, knows better than to end on a cliffhanger or with long dangling narrative threads Everything is, if not wrapped up, at least successfully drawn to a close by the book's finish That said, I'm frantic to read the next in the series Lookie! It's called Genius Squad and it sports the tagline Sometimes when it comes to fighting evil, one genius isn't enough For those kids enad of the superhero genre and in need of something a little out of the ordinary, I couldn't recommend a book any higher. This book is a book that I really liked and have no idea why The plot was confusing, Cadel dressing up as a girl should have been weird, most of the characters at the school were disturbing, and yet I loved it Admittedly the beginning leading into the middle was a bit boring, and I did skim read a little, but I found the end leaving me with that warm fuzzy feeling of just right Not many books do that.I think what sold me was the character's development The main character Cadel, who I was worried I was going to detest about halfway through, actually became someone I cared for and understood Jinks really allowed you inside his head She didn't try to hide the detestable things Cadel did, and she didn't make excuses for him You really don't like Cadel for a minute or two, an ambitious move for an author However it's worth it as you begin to see the changes in Cadel as a result of a his blooming relationship with a girl His development is realistic, and I appreciated that.Perhaps the most interesting character, however, is Thadeus This character has no morals coupled with a complete disregard for anyone's feelings Anyone's, that is, except Cadel's Thadeus really appears to care about, or even love, Cadel Yet his charm and likability do cannot help you from feeling frightened of him He is dangerous However I have taken much to much time explaining it I know it's not perfect, but I liked it So hopefully you will to.