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Woken in the middle of the night, a young boy knows that what he fears has come to pass he and his family must begin their long journey away from everything he s ever known When he meets a kind lady at a bus station, she tells him the story of another boy who had to go on a hard journey, but who grew up to save the whole world Far From Home is a simple but multi layered refugee story drawing directly from headlines that will help children understand the world around them and remind them that they are not alone

6 thoughts on “Far from Home: A Story of Loss, Refuge, and Hope

  1. ESP11 ESP11 says:

    A young boy is awakened in the middle of the night and told that the family has to leave to go to a safer country When waiting and waiting in a refuge center becomes just too much NO MORE WAITING , a kindly old woman tells him the story of another young boy from Palestine who understands just what it is like to have to leave home.While not everyone has experienced the trauma of being a refugee, many of us young and old have gone through the difficulties of relocating and settling into a new and unfamiliar town country It is a great comfort to remember the words of the young hero of Far From Home Sometimes I miss my old home But when I feel sadI remember that I am not alone Far from Home is a sensitive treatment of a timely subject, and the colorful illustrations draw the reader into the story.

  2. Amy Houts Amy Houts says:

    Told with sensitivity, Far From Home starts when a young boy is awakened in the middle of the night by his parents They tell him they must leave their homeland and move to another country immediately The boy is informed he can take only one toy and chooses Rabbit The story is told from the boy s point of view in a way that is easy for young children to understand All the boy wants is to go home to his room, his toys, and his friends The family walks, travels by bus, and waits and waits The boy is comforted when an old woman tells him a story about another young boy Jesus who had to leave his homeland The ending brings hope not only to this boy, but to all who are in similar situations A much needed book in light of the immigrant crisis in the news I highly recommend this book.

  3. Martha Marvin Martha Marvin says:

    This book made me cry the kind of therapeutic tears that come when you encounter a creative work that acknowledges both the pain that comes with living, and the beauty that comes with loving Sarah Parker Rubio s writing demonstrates her ability to understand life from a child s perspective, and gives all of us fresh insight into the loss and difficulties of being a refugee.

  4. Marilyn Marilyn says:

    I love the story The illustrations are amazing, colorful and engaging I love that kids books can pack a lot into a simple story and Sarah Parker creatively does just that Wonderful gift for children and adults alike

  5. David B. Swanson David B. Swanson says:

    Wonderful childrens book on immigration and the changes and struggles it presents Letting us now that we are not alone in this process.

  6. Sludgemeister Sludgemeister says:

    This book helps you appreciate life from a refugee child s perspective, and the positive role of faith.