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This relevant and meaninful book defines the power of the human spirit As a life coach and keynote speaker, Vital not only empowers you to own your story and your wounds, youll feel inspired and compelled to overcome and FLY He defied statistic and childhood abuse, turning his pain into purpose We are never victims of circumstance unless we allow it Dig deep and overcome Youve got thisIt s been called A LIFE CHANGER D RollerINSPIRATIONAL AND AMAZING M GalvisA MUST READ STUNNING MEMOIR RVictorABSOLUTLEY LOVED IT A MUST A RosalesCOULDNT PUT IT DOWN BEST READ OF THE YEAR K JahOUTSTANDING Antony BHARROWING, SAD, SHOCKING, INDELIBLE AND FUNNY Sandra NMESMORIZING Angela BREAD COVER TO COVER IN ONE SITTING Tim M

8 thoughts on “Flying Without a Net, Exclusive Author's Edition: The true story of a boy who turns pain into purpose (volume 1) (English Edition)

  1. Rachel Victor Rachel Victor says:

    I read this book in 2 days Stopped only to eat and sleep Vital is a brilliantly gifted writer whose beautiful, honest words flow eloquently and effortlessly, transporting the reader to the very time and place within the story itself The captivating story of a courageous young boy who suffered undue loss and tragedy from a tender age through adolescence, but who triumphed over adversity, never giving up hope then to find success in Cirque Du Soleil I laughed at the humor, cheered for him, and cried for him for the horror he was subjected to as a teen This is a story of not just suffering but a story of hope, of redemption and the power of the human spirit Finding parallels within the story to my own life of struggle as a child alone courageously overcoming challenges to triumph with undying hope I found solace and renewed joy within its pages knowing that I am not alone and that the writer understood Hope and the human spirit indeed conquers all Vital is a remarkable man not embittered but impassioned filled with infectious hope with his story that is a gift to the world A shining beacon of light and hope to those suffering alone and in the darkness and a challenging wakeup call to humanity.

  2. Renee Jeffus Renee Jeffus says:

    I absolutely loved this book Best thing I have read in a long time as Vital s life story touches the deepest wounds of our human journey and yet his ability to maintain hope and courage was profoundly inspiring I think so many people would find the tender places in their own history blessed and uplifted by knowing even the deepest suffering and loss can be turned into triumph and the achievements of ones dreams Thank you Vital Germaine for your courageous sharing and indomitable Spirit It is heroic journeys like this that illuminate a way forward into healing for all.

  3. Amy Ayoub Amy Ayoub says:

    I read this fabulously interesting book from cover to cover in one sitting As I got to the end, I read slowly because I wanted And then, voil I saw there is in version 2.0 I m on it I m so grateful to Vital Germaine for sharing his fascinating life with such emotion, vulnerability and inspiration.

  4. Vallery Vallery says:

    A heartfelt account written in a simplistic, straightforward, easy to read manner Beware, the subject matter veers far from the circus

  5. kimberly f deiorio kimberly f deiorio says:

    Captivating and touching I was so engrossed in Vital s story, nothing else around me mattered His experiences and words reached deep into my heart to reveal the true champion he is A heart warming story I d recommend to everyone

  6. Sharen Delano Sharen Delano says:

    Outstanding Great read..true story

  7. RDG RDG says:

    I was profoundly touched, moved and inspired by Vital s journey through life I cried with him, I hurt for him and I cheered for him as he courageously found his inner strength and inner voice.

  8. Adriana Rosales Adriana Rosales says:

    This author has a strong voice and a story worth sharing He takes you on a journey that reminds you just how resilient we truly are Absolutely loved it A must read