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I feel like this would be the perfect read for kids and teens growing up Just keep doing what you love no matter what anyone else tells you, and with the help of friends and family.As a fan of dance moms there are some new stories and pictures you might not have seen, and as a fan of Chloe, you learn a lot about this kind and inspirational dancer actor youtuber model Loved bought for my daughter who loves dance mums,really good value for money,perfect condition ,would recommend and will use again I bought this book for my daughter, who is a Dance Moms fan Then I read it myself Chloe comes across as a likeable girl with all the usual hang ups associated with teenagers, which amazed me as I assumed someone so talented would be precocious It just goes to show that everyone has worries Talking about them can help other young people face their fears and challenges. My daughter loves this book It s written as a tween teen so it totally speaks to a child It s full of positive words and stories Happy buy Chloe Lukasiak believes that things happen for a reason She knows that life would be easier without disappointments, bullying, and medical issues but sometimes it takes challenges to inspire you to achieve big things From her status as fan favourite on the US hit reality television show Dance Moms to her current life as a social media star with millions of fans, Chloe has found that self acceptance and kindness are the key to getting over the rough spots in life and realising your passions This book, featuring inspirational quotes and Chloe s own poetry, offers exclusive insight into Chloe s world as well as a message that will inspire all readers to pursue their dreams and be true to their selves