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The life of William Shakespeare, Britain s greatest dramatist, was inextricably linked with the history of London Together, the great writer and the great city came of age and confronted triumph and tragedy Triumph came when Shakespeare s company, the Chamberlain s Men, opened the Globe playhouse on Bankside in , under the patronage of Queen Elizabeth I Tragedy touched the lives of many of his contemporaries, from fellow playwright Christopher Marlowe to the disgraced Earl of Essex, while London struggled against the ever present threat of riots, rebellions and outbreaks of plague Globetakes its readers on a tour of London through Shakespeare s life and work, as, in fascinating detail, Catharine Arnold tells how acting came of age We learn about James Burbage, founder of the original Theatre in Shoreditch, who carried timbers across the Thames to build the Globe among the bear gardens and brothels of Bankside, and of the terrible night inwhen the theatre caught fire during a performance of King Henry VIII Rebuilt, the Globe continued to stand as a monument to Shakespeare s genius untilwhen it was destroyed on the orders of Oliver Cromwell And finally we learn howyears later, Shakespeare s Globe opened once upon the Bankside, to great acclaim, rising like a phoenix from the flames Arnold creates a vivid portrait of Shakespeare and his London from the bard s own plays and contemporary sources, combining a novelist s eye for detail with a historian s grasp of his unique contribution to the development of the English theatre This is a portrait of Shakespeare, London, the man and the myth

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  1. Geraldine Evans Geraldine Evans says:

    I d been put off Shakespeare as a youngster Who hasn t With its incomprehensible language, half understood plots, and words on a page, instead of live, as Shakespeare intended, it wasn t real But this book is real, it s passion as fiery as anything conjured by Elizabethan dramatists I m now hooked What can I say

  2. Mrs Margaret Oldham Mrs Margaret Oldham says:

    Love it

  3. R. EDWARDS R. EDWARDS says:

    Fast delivery of a superb book Informative and entertaining.

  4. Sophia D-H Sophia D-H says:

    I picked up a bunch of non fiction history book titles at the Globe gift shop on a trip to London, this being one of them There are many theories surrounding Shakespeare who he was, how many of the plays attributed to him were actually written by him, what his life was like, etc Given that this book is ultimately about how the Globe Theatre came into being it came as no surprise that this book took the view that Shakespeare was a person who wrote all of the plays currently in his name I am not at all opposed to this view, but the complete lack of skepticism reads a little one sided and na ve That said, it is an easy read and gives a very good history of theatre during the time of Shakespeare.

  5. Michael F Becker Michael F Becker says:

    It is not just a good history of the Globe, but a great biography of Shakespeare and his colleagues I have a much better understanding of the events that influenced Shakespeare and his writing and I now see him in a new light Well done

  6. Tor Stian Holte Tor Stian Holte says:

    Interesting book about the history of London