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Bucky Wunderlick is a rock and roll star Dissatisfied with a life that has brought fame and fortune, he suddenly decides he no longer wants to be a commodity He leaves his band mid tour and holes up in a dingy, unfurnished apartment in Great Jones Street Unfortunately, his disappearing act only succeeds in inflaming interest Great Jones Street, Don DeLillo s third novel, is than a musical satire it probes the rights of the individual, foreshadows the struggle of the artist within a capitalist world and delivers a scathing portrait of our culture s obsession with the lives of the few

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  1. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    Das erste Buch von DeLillo, das mich aufgrund der Themen tats chlich interessierte, stellte sich doch als leichte Entt uschung heraus Anfangs fesselten mich seine Kunstst cke mit der Sprache, mit dem Format und nicht zuletzt mit der ber chtigten Musikindustrie als Starfabrik und Geldmaschine Diese sehr d stere Darstellung und die Figur des Bucky Wunderlick der mich trotz expliziten Vergleichen in der Rezeption nur zu Anfang stark, dann immer weniger an den jungen Bob Dylan erinnerte waren mein roter Faden durch das Buch In der zweiten H lfte verlor ich jedoch immer mehr das Interesse, da Bucky nur Zuh rer f r seine verschiedenen Besucher zu spielen scheint und ziellos von einem Ort zum anderen zu driftet M glicherweise ist Great Jones Street ein Buch, das sich erst nach dem Lesen allm hlich erschlie t auf jeden Fall hat es mich nachdenklich gestimmt Dennoch neige ich eher zu der Meinung, dass DeLillo mit seiner distanzierten und intelligenten Schreibweise mich als Autor nicht mitrei t Wer etwas f r den Kopf statt f rs Herz lesen will, wer Gesellschaftskritik sucht, dem w rde ich DeLillo durchaus empfehlen.

  2. John Ledingham John Ledingham says:

    don delillo is having fun here like a speculative fiction on bob dylan s flight from the public eye with some obligatory postmodern satire bucky wunderlick is just another asset to the Transparanoia media group, a record label he thought belonged to him and not vice versa

  3. Nessy Nessy says:

    Buch kam ziemlich schnell bei mir an Nichts am Zustand auszusetzen Es fehlt lediglich ab und an mal ein Buchstabe bzw ein Buchstabe ist schlecht nur halb gedruckt worden Inhaltlich finde ich es ziemlich flach und langweilig.The book came quickly It is really okay concerning its exterior Looks like a new one Just sometimes there is missing a letter or half of a letter, but just sometimes Regarding the content I really do not like it cause it is very boring and in my opinion most of the things that are told is nonsensebut that depends on the taste I think.

  4. Ingo Tylinda Ingo Tylinda says:

    Alles super

  5. z55z.co Customer z55z.co Customer says:

    the spine was completely loose poor quality

  6. Jay Jay says:

    Bucky Wunderlick is that guy we should all probably hate Wildly famous, filthy rich, Bucky is a rock star at the apex of his career.Until he walks out on all of it to live like a vagrant in a run down apartment in New York City.See, Bucky is bored Of the music The noise The fame Of himself He knows neither who he really is, or even why he is that person.Take a slow, rambling and often surreal ride through the eyes of Bucky Wunderlick Bored rock star Philosopher Accidental cartel middleman.Along the way, you ll discover that fame can come at a cost, that even the famous can experience existential crises and maybe even learn a thing or two about your own existence.Told from the first person perspective and in a rambling, near stream of consciousness manner reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy, Great Jones Street is as much a philosophical conversation with a novel protagonist as it is a novel.Highly recommended.

  7. Ethan Cooper Ethan Cooper says:

    Bucky Wunderlick is the lead singer and song writer of a successful hard rock band On tour, the burned out Bucky realizes the band has reached the scary limit of its loud and raw sound and he suddenly drops out Bucky then becomes the subject of bizarre rumors and bogus sightings while he lives on Great Jones Street, which, before the boom in New York City real estate, was grim and seedy This Bucky, who is wasted and drifting, has no intentions But then Opel, his girlfriend, appears and forces him to address these questions What do you do when something ends How will you evolve As a musician, Bucky finally decides he needed a route back But will his route back resemble that of his band mate Azarian, who evolves and affirms his own musicality in soul music Or will Bucky s route back follow the vision of Globke, his agent, who has brilliant ideas about promoting Bucky s celebrity and is indifferent to his music Or will Bucky follow the path of the musician Watney, who realized his own mediocrity and evolved through business Or, will Bucky find a musical equivalent of Fenig, his upstairs neighbor, who is a writer seeking success through the exploitation of market niches In offering these alternatives to Bucky, DeLillo also begins in a very dark space In particular, all these options for Bucky s personal evolution are opposed by the sinister Happy Valley Farm Commune This sees Bucky s musical withdrawal as a principled stand for independence and privacy Happy Valley, by the way, apparently has two factions, one of them nihilistic and violent as it enforces its beliefs.As Bucky is exposed to these musical possibilities, he also becomes a passive participant in a dangerous drug deal In this case, Opel, Azarian, and Watney each seek to acquire a package that Bucky keeps in his living room and that contains the ultimate recreational drug The drug, which is the property of the Happy Valley Farm Commune, is also a matter of interest to the drug legend Dr Pepper, who makes several wildly entertaining appearances in GJS My favorite occurs in Chapter 18, where Dr Pepper explains that he wants the package since he, like everyone else in GREAT JONES STREET, is trying to evolve In this case, Dr Pepper wants to make the package his platform for a final creative and professional breakthrough.GJS is my eleventh DeLillo novel IMO, GJS is a superb effort that showcases the great Don s glittering and terse prose, hilarious and insightful associations, and his unmistakable and inimitable voice But unlike many of DeLillo s later novels, GJS has a protagonist who, while on the fringe, has not fully dropped out This is quite different fromFalling Man A Novel,Point Omega A Novel, andThe Body Artist A Novel, where much of the tension exists in a protagonist s familiar marginality and creepy normalcy Don, BTW, solves the issue of the ultimately eloquent Bucky s marginality in a surprising and perfect last chapter.This is an excellent and highly entertaining novel and is highly recommended.

  8. BrokenArrow BrokenArrow says:

    I have read five DeLillo books six counting Underworld which I m reading now and this was my least favorite The story is about a leader of a rock roll band who walks away from a concert tour and returns to his shabby apt in NYC the Great Jones St area There are some interesting characters, drugs, record executives, girlfriends etc but the whole thing did not really come together for me I recall reading that DeLillo refers to writing as intense thinking but this book does not include his better thinking in my view However, he s a heck of a thinker and a writer with great insights on the state of our culture If you have not read any of DeLillo s works then please do, he s an American talent An Italian American lad from the Bronx.

  9. Daniel M. Conley Daniel M. Conley says:

    Read the first page of Great Jones Street and you might think you ve stumbled across a new DeLillo novel about Kurt Cobain Perhaps the only natural law attaching to true fame is that the famous man is compelled, eventually, to commit suicide, DeLillo writes, with eerie foresight.Unfortunately for contemporary readers, that Cobain imagery is likely to stick with you throughout this 1973 novel and become a distraction Bucky Wunderlick, DeLillo s rock idol, is neither as tortured or talented as Cobain As other critics have noted, his lyrics are awful DeLillo doesn t have an ear for rock lyrics or at least didn t in the early 70s Like Running Dog, Great Jones Street is a great premise and an awkward delivery DeLillo had yet to develop his signature style of putting subtext before story He also hadn t developed his micro detail style of painting an environment, which he used to such brilliant effect in describing the supermarket in White Noise and the Bronx of his youth in Underworld What we re left with is conventional dialogue and plot story telling which is what DeLillo has always done worst.If you ve read the masterworks of the DeLillo canon Ratner s Star, The Names, White Noise, Libra, Mao II and Underworld Great Jones Street is a worthwhile diversion If you haven t read DeLillo s best, come back when you re done.

  10. Jurn Jurn says:

    DeLillo is in my top three list of living American novelists He describes the human condition from so many different perspectives There is always than meets the narrative eye Few others delve deeper than pulp Longing and wishing for another time like Underworld love the challenge.

  11. John J. Costello Jr. John J. Costello Jr. says:

    Rugged NYC tour de force.

  12. Donny MacLeod Donny MacLeod says:

    Rock and roll and nihlism never made so much sense.

  13. Ed Angell Ed Angell says:

    Very odd book, I was looking for fine arts stories with regard to Jones street.

  14. Donal Wood Donal Wood says:

    A stream of verbal diarrhoea