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I received this text in pristine condition, but as we ve progressed through the class, we ve discovered several errors and the author hasn t responded to inquiries Other than that, it s a really good book and the content is useful and interesting. Sustainable development, the circular economy and environmental issues are at the forefront of public and Government concern The field of green chemistry aims to provide environmentally benign products from sustainable resources, using processes that do not harm people or the environment at the same time as helping solve key societal problems such as climate change Updated throughout, this third edition features an expanded section on legislation, a revised chapter on measurement, and a completely re written chapter on renewable resources, bringing readers the latest developments in this quickly growing area Case studies now include recent examples of real world applications from industry to demonstrate how the techniques of green chemistry work in practice This fascinating textbook is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate courses covering green chemistry, and it encourages new ways of thinking about how products and processes are developed