Read Online HAROLD PINTER PLAYS: Birthday Party, The Room, Dumb Waiter, Slight Ache, The Hothouse, Night Out, Black and White (Prose), The Examination v. 1 (Faber Contemporary Classics) By AA.VV. –

This volume contains Harold Pinter s first six plays, including The Birthday Party The Birthday Party Stanley Webber is visited in his boarding house by two strangers, Goldberg and McCann An innocent seeming birthday party for Stanley turns into a nightmare Mr Pinter s terrifying blend of pathos and hatred fuses unforgettably into the stuff of art Sunday Times The Room and The Dumb Waiter In these two early one act plays, Harold Pinter reveals himself as already in full control of his unique ability to make dramatic poetry of the banalities of everyday speech and the precision with which it defines character Harold Pinter is the most original writer to have emerged from the new wave of dramatists who gave fresh life to the British theatre in the fifties and early sixties The Times The Hothouse The Hothouse was first produced in , though Harold Pinter wrote the play in , just before commencing work on The Caretaker In this compelling study of bureaucratic power, we can see the full emergence of a great and original dramatic talent The Hothouse is at once sinister and hilarious, suggesting an unholy alliance of Kafka and Feydeau Spectator

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    I bought this for my niece thinking it was something to do with Harry Potter, but it s actually Harry Pinter Needless to say my niece was quite disappointed as she was expecting magic and wizards and suchlike but got menacing pauses and underlying threats in run down boarding houses in seaside towns.Spoiler alert Bumbledore dies at the end.

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    The Birthday Party was Pinter s first major play, and after a disastrous premiere soon established itself as a modern classic The other plays in this volume are no less rewarding The dialogue is a stunning achievement, inconsequential on the surface, but richly suggestive underneath of a world that is simultaneously absurd and menacing, and of characters who do not wish to communicate, and would not be able to, even if they wished The heredity, through Beckett and Ionesco, all the way back to Maeterlinck, is manifest Realism and symbolism are brilliantly combined.But isn t it about time that Faber and Faber did Pinter justice The volume is in a rigid binding that easily cracks, the paper is of poor quality, the print is thick and nasty, and the price is exorbitant though fortunately and its dealers are offering the book at well below the publisher s price But surely the time has come for Faber and Faber to issue a new Collected Pinter, in the handsome format that is surely due to one of the greatest of English dramatists.

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    Correspond parfaitement la description.

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    a real masterpiece, The Hothouse, I mean It was written than 50 years ago, and it didn t loose any reference with our life A real metaphor of power and the power of beaurocracy It remind me to Orwell 1984 May I remind here a nice application of Kindle During a week end in London May 2013 with my wife, we saw that Hothouse was on stage at Trafalgar Studio Theater We love Pinter, but we didn t know this play I ordered it on my Kindle I got it in one minute I had the time to read it in the next hour than we were to the theater enjoing the performance without loosing any subtlety of the text Great Carlo Erminero