How to Ride a Unicycle (English Edition) Prime –

First off I have been putting 30 hours in learning how to ride before I read this book so I felt most of the content I already know It shows only how to learn with one or two persons by your side The great content I got out of are the explanation of the mechanics of unicycles by imagining you balancing a wooden stick on a palm of your hand the control of the unicycle is in the pedaling than the upper body movement or your arms as you fall forward, pedaling forward to keep on learning to ride backwards as you learn to ride forward That way you do not handicap yourself in only one direction.I read this book on my kindle It is a very fast read. Helpful. Thank you Nice book, historical, minimal help for learning how to ride Purchased a unicycle as gift for a family member I downloaded the book on my kindle first to review then ordered the book Grandson is making progress after reading this. This book details a proven step by step method for learning to ride a unicycle The printed version of this book, which is now out of print, sold over , copies By popular demand, this book is back in this updated Kindle e book version of the original printed bookThe book introduces the standard unicycle and goes on to the basic principles of unicycling, details the steps in learning to ride, and covers basic skills such as mounting, turning, idling, dismounting, and riding backwards Partner and group skills are detailed I just taught myself to unicycle and bought this book to get some tips and learn what I could have done better or different This book s technique is based on having 2 helpers every time you practice While this may be the best method, most people will not have 2 people that can invest the hours to month he suggests.I did pick up some good conceptual information an pointers that would have helped me while learning by leaning against a wall at 7 Eleven In addition, he has some good tips on turning, learning to mount, and riding backwards.I still recommend the book, but don t expect to necessarily use its main method of learning. Great instructions Wasn t sure since the cover looks so old but I guess older is better.Grandson was riding in no time.