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15 thoughts on “[(How to Stop Acting )] [Author: Harold Guskin] [Jun-2003]

  1. Allan Paiste Allan Paiste says:

    A book that might just change the way you approach a creative process in any industry Although I m not an actor by profession, I ve experienced to create some of my best work in writing while applying the basic principle of this book to my work.

  2. Shaun Mazzocca Shaun Mazzocca says:

    One of my favourite acting books a very modern take on acting Refreshing after being subjected to all of the classics.

  3. david david says:

    Arrived quicklyNo damageGreat book

  4. Claude Durette Claude Durette says:


  5. Macaulay Fryer Macaulay Fryer says:

    This was an excellent read It really helped and inspired me I m really glad I got to read it Would stinky recommend for anyone who enjoys acting

  6. Rita Hanley Rita Hanley says:

    Best book for acting ever

  7. Clause Gwenael Clause Gwenael says:

    completement ce que j attendais

  8. Juvi Guevara Juvi Guevara says:

    While most acting books focus on a specific method and everything the actor should do, this does a bit of a flip and teaches a non method, while focusing on what the actor should NOT do or rather, on breaking an actor s bad habits which most tend to have.The writing is simple and straightforward, but the content is quite unique, yet the content isn t quite like what you d expedt to find in a book on how to act or how NOT to act, in this case He also includes lessons that he has learned from the big name actors he has taught over the years, to give the actor a broader scope from which to view their own experiences and approach to acting.It s not a very long book, and while it does go off on a tangent at times, a definitely a refreshing place from which to undertake a new approach to performing and auditioning if you ve been feeling stuck in your career.

  9. V. Pierce V. Pierce says:

    This book not only stresses using your intuition, but provides actual help to get you there I am very grateful for not only the good advice, but the philosophy beneath the advice I m sorry the author is dead because I would love to write him a thank you note Anyone people like Kevin Kline depend on is good enough for me

  10. Dominic Cancelliere Dominic Cancelliere says:

    Would recommend

  11. Customer Customer says:

    Within the first ten pages of the first chapter, I learned a breathing technique, used it and BOOKED an audition that was shot in one take


    Very insightful Good practice to try and apply to your character work study.

  13. CCB CCB says:

    This is a terrific book, an entirely different approach to creating a character that makes acting immediately accessible I read it with a pen in hand, underlining passages and starring sections that were especially important A LOT of this book is marked up Two years of acting classes had me feeling confused and discouraged This book made me excited about acting again.

  14. Kristins Kristins says:

    This book has changed my acting radically For the better Harold s ideas have opened me up and freed all the should ves and ought to dos Very hard to express