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A combination of B way advice and stories from the trenches from an entertainment lawyer B way producer Breglio walks the reader through the many, many steps of becoming a producer, from identifying source material to Opening Night, all with anecdotes and asides about his own experiences with some of B way s biggest names he doesn t really dish any dirt, but sometimes what s unsaid says it all He also explains clearly some of the questions I ve had about how various parts of the theatre business work in full disclosure, I ve produced one B way show and invested in numerous others, but don t know the author. Loved it Great information and lots of good stories as well Well done Steve. Dry Broadway producing text John Breglio s book, I Wanna Be A Producer is a wonderful gift to the theater community Speaking from his decades of experience as a theatrical and entertainment attorney and his recent experience as a Broadway producer, he opens up the kimono to talk in real terms about how the business end of theater really works The subtitle of the book says it all How To MAke A Killing On Broadway Or Get Killed The author offers enough technical detail about contracts and negotiations to be useful without becoming pedantic He spices up the technical talk with vignettes from real shows he has represented or produced, and the complexities involved in balancing financial considerations with managing strong personalities He offers glimpses into working with the likes of Joseph Papp, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Michael Bennett, the Bergmans, Patti LuPone and many others.If you love theater, you will love this book even if you never intend to become a producer. What does a producer actually do How does one travel from that great idea for a show to a smash hit opening night on Broadway John Breglio cannot guarantee you a hit, but he does take the reader on a fascinating journey behind the curtains where he himself once stood as a child, dreaming about the theatre Part memoir, part handbook, Behind the Curtains is a road map to the hows and wherefores, the dos and don ts of producing a Broadway play, written by a Broadway veteran with thanyears of experience This comprehensive and highly informative book features practical analysis and concepts for the producer and is filled with entertaining anecdotes from Breglio s illustrious career as a leading theatrical lawyer and producer Breglio recounts not only his first hand knowledge of the crucial legal and business issues faced by a producer, but also his experiences behind the scenes with literally hundreds of producers, playwrights, composers, and directors, including such theatre luminaries as Michael Bennett, Joe Papp, Stephen Sondheim, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Patti Lupone, August Wilson, and Mel Brooks Whether you are a working or aspiring producer, an investor, or are just curious about the backstage reality of the theater, Breglio shares his knowledge and experience of the industry, conveying practical information set against the real life stories of those who have devoted their lives to the craft Such a great read for theatre fans So interesting to understand the business behind putting on a full, Broadway production LOVE As a broadway producer, I can attest how great this book is I ve learned new things from it The behind the scenes stories on how collaborations happened and negotiations are really interesting.This could be used as a textbook to teach a college course on the subject. A wonderful book for the layman who wants to know of this industry Always try to learn from the best A must for a good theater library. Well written and informative, lifting the curtain I apologize to expose how shows really evolve from ideation to opening night and sometimes what happens after that. Excellent book, very well written A little contractual knowledge verses industry stories, but that s what I was looking for This guy knows his stuff