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At no point does this book mention Justin s membership of the KKK, his preference for being called Geralding by his hook ups and his embarrassing foot condition. I think it was great but maybe it should be a little longer But I loved it And maybe put the things that believers should REALLY know. THIS BOOK WAS AWESOME IT REALLY TOLD YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW PLAY LOTS OF MINE CRAFT AND BLESS YOUR FACE , TOBUSCUS It s was awesome amazing gives u tips on how Justin Bieber likes the girls It s really gives u good funny and awesome advice I suggest reading it Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome cool com cool great book book book fabulous and awesome book I like this book it gave me a lot of information Thanks, LillyP.s maybe the author could right an upgraded version about him that gives information Discover 125 Amazing facts and secrets about Canadian singing sensation Justin Bieber Do you know everything there is to know about Justin Bieber In 125 Facts You Need to Know about Justin, author and die hard Belieber Jessica Stewart brings you 125 fantastic facts about your favorite hearthrob, including What he looks for in a girlHis Family lifeWhat his life was like before the fameHis weird hobbies and habitsWhat drives him crazyFunny StoriesAnd MUCH MORE Find out if you re a true Belieber