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At the end of every year, I pick out a couple of the most appealing titles from the New York Times Notable Books of the Year list This choice richly rewarded the practice An assured, winning, highly entertaining picaresque, this is a timeless novel very much of its time the beginning of the Era of Trumpism , as well as a moving meditation on loss, longing, regret, bad decisions, the ineluctable weight of the past, sadness, and the terrible difficulty of getting anything right, almost regardless of one s circumstances A wonderful novel, and a great read. I felt that the last third was protracted and somewhat unrealistic Humour, watches and life Laughed out loud, great story, well recommended Couldn t put it down, would def read by this author. Easy to ready funny in places and some great depth to the characters The story was well thought out but a bit longer than needed. OverBest oflistings worldwide Gary Shteyngart hears America perfectly its fatuity, its poignant lament, its boisterous self loathing Its heartbeat Reading him sometimes makes me want to scream with recognition and with pure hilarity Richard FordA riotously satirical road trip through modern America from the brilliant author of Super Sad True Love Story and AbsurdistanBarry Cohen, master of the universe, has just had a very public meltdown involving a dinner party, an insider trading investigation and a , bottle of Japanese whisky So he flees New York City, leaving behind his beautiful young wife and son, but remembering to bring his six favourite designer watches Zig zagging south through Trump s America on a Greyhound Bus pilgrimmage he is singularly unprepared for, Barry heads to Texas to find his old college girlfriend and, with her, a shot at a second chance Lake Success marries the trademark Shteyngart wit with an astonishing emotional resonance, capturing the vivid eccentricity and contradictions of America right now while speaking to the universal human experience of love, belonging, and the pursuit of happiness A trip through the American wasteland from the people who have too little, to the people who have too much Incredibly smart, incredibly funny, incredibly tragic, and therefore incredibly human, this is the perfect novel for these dysfunctional times Nathan Hill The funniest book you ll read all year A rollicking and zinger filled road trip that sneakily deepens into a poignant tale of a man trying to outrace his problemsI was utterly floored Maria Semple Stupendous Reflecting with perfect comedy and horrible tragedy exactly what America feels like right this minute I barked with laughter at the same time as wincing in pain Elizabeth Gilbert