Download ePUB Learn the Nikon Coolpix Camera for 5 Bucks (Learn for 5 Bucks) By Larry Becker –

You bought the camera because it s tiny and elegant and easy to use and, oh yes, it takes great pictures, too So why would you spendon a book that s several times bigger than the camera itself in other words, too large to carry, too expensive to languish on the shelf, and too detailed to provide the at a glance guidance you seek But if that book were underpages, small enough to slip into your coat pocket, and best of all onlywell, that would be perfect And perfect this book is for the smart Coolpix user who needs nothing than a quick visual reference to the camera s most common functions Each page of this tight, bright, four color guide features a full page visual, step by step instructions, and perhaps a warning or tip at the bottom of the page Nothing extraneous, just the all important basics shooting techniques, Coolpix functions and menus, instructions for transferring photos and creating common effects, and