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But probably suitable for folks who absolutely cannot wait to use their D70s and find the Nikon manual too intimidating At best, one realizes, whoa, there s a lot stuff to remember At some point one would have to refer to the manual to fully understand what Mr Gregory does not elaborate on And if you can afford that excellent camera, you should skip to the D70 manual to fully appreciate everything the D70 offers I say don t spend the 5 bucks this if you are seriously considering using the D70 for than an expensive automatic point and shoot I give it 2 stars however for whetting one s appetite wanting for. This proved to be a handy little reference for a very good but somewhat complicated camera The format is good and the price is right 5 stars if it had just a bit material Then again for the price perhaps I should not be expecting much. First, I purchased this guide primarily out of curiousity, so I really can t be too disappointed with it but I certainly did hope for something.Simply put, the book is an extended quick start guide for using the D70 primarily in automatic A mode.In fairness, the book has a few nuggets that go beyond the A on the dial and simplify the Nikon manual e.g., setting up night shots or action shots, and shooting close ups or portraits It also provides quick instructions for using popular functions such as the self timer, which aren t always easy to find in the manual And, its illustrative photos for finding and identifying controls, buttons, etc on the D70 are very good, providing a better roadmap than the manual.Unfortunately the book stops exactly where most D70 owners are ready for it has only two very brief pages covering manual and priority modes, with even briefer explanations for programs such as shutter and aperture priority settings It actually describes the manual and priority modes as for pros only It shows how to display a photo s histogram without any explanation of how to interpret or use the information.In other cases, the book provides advice without any detail or instructions For example, it advises reducing use of the monitor to extend battery life without any thoughts or suggestions on how, beyond using it sparingly it doesn t suggest reducing the auto off time for the monitor.For someone who bought a D70 to really use its capabilities, this guide falls way short and will disappoint For someone planning to use the D70 as a sophisticated or capable point and shoot camera, this book does present the basics quickly and directly. This book was far too basic While I was not expecting much, it could have gone a little deeper It contained nothing that I have not learned by using the camera for a month. Great user Manuel Easy for a beginner to use. Great info This book is exactly what I ve needed with my new Nikon D70 It is the perfect primer The user s manual included with the camera was overly complicated and detailed, and the quick start guide with the camera gave too little information This small book is just right for a novice beginner photographer who wants to get familiar with the D70.There are plenty of color photos that show clearly the various buttons and settings required for different functions.If you want detailed, advanced instruction, look elsewhere If you want basic, beginner information however, then this book is for you. Learn the Nikon D forBucks is a concise, bright, four color, quick reference manual for one of the most popular digital SLR cameras in the market The text is integrated with large photographs and the Nikon s menu photographs or software interface shot interface screen captures, either s Brief tips or warnings at page bottom address any ancillary points not covered in the basic how to text Readers will quickly learn how to master the key skills they need to take great photos with their Nikon basic shooting tips, adjusting the LCD monitor, managing white balance, creating panoramic shots, using the zoom feature, downloading images with a card reader or USB cable, printing photos, and so on With a x trim size and an extremely affordable price, this book isn t designed to be a complete reference, but is a useful guide for people users who just want to learn the basics of their Nikon D camera It s basic, but it s 5 dollars It s a nice little basic intro book that is easy reading. Nikon should have included this book with the camera I still use it from time to time for quick reference.