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For the Star Wars fan or Lego fan the pictures in this very thick heavy book are beautiful, arresting, creative and stunning Who knew you could do such amazing things with Lego Star Wars photography My son who is 5 now wants to pose his mini figures in totally different ways and create scenes that are atmospheric after looking through this book There is text as well to describe the scene created that is interesting to read It is much than just a one time flip through It really is a book I enjoy reading through often Again, I cannot emphasize enough how beautiful some of these scenes are Extremely creative and well worth a purchase. This One Of A Kind LEGO Book Brings LEGO Star Wars Sets And Minifigures To Life With Beautiful And Fun Photography Painstakingly Created By Finnish Photographer Vesa Lehtim Ki Using His Son S Favourite Toys, LEGO Star Wars Small Scenes From A Big Galaxy Features Hilarious New Takes On Classic Star Wars Characters And Themes Breathtaking Photography Combines Quirky LEGO Art With The Drama Of The Star Wars Universe, With Stunning Results Plus Vesa Lehtim Ki Shares His Secrets In Behind The Scenes Insights Which Will Inspire Any Photographer Or LEGO Builder Every Image Is A Technical Tour De Force And An Evocation Of Childlike Wonder You Ve Never Seen Star Wars Or LEGO Sets Look Like This Before LEGO, The LEGO Logo, The Brick And Knob Configuration And The Minifigure Are Trademarks Of The LEGO Group The LEGO Group Produced By Dorling Kindersley Under License US Licence UK From The LEGO Group TM LUCASFILM LTD This book is great It ended up exceeding my expectations Vesa shows his passion of both photography and Star Wars starting from his introduction to the mini stories he creates with his pictures with descriptions on the bottom of each picture and behind the scene segments in the last few pages of the book Also when Vesa transitions his story telling to different planets he has some neat photos that aid that transition Finally he adds pictures of the minifigure s profile when transitioning scences What a fantastic addition to my collection and such a fun book to go through on my spare time This book is money well spent and a must have for any Star Wars collector. This is an awesome book The photos are expertly done and there are plenty of photos to look through Some of them are simple portraits of minifigures, but the majority of the photos contain complex lighting and environment scenarios I bought this for my younger brother since he is really into both star wars and legos The example photos shown for this product are a pretty good representation of what to expect for the rest of the photos in the album. My husband loves to have this displayed in his office He will often times leave it open to a page and change the pages throughout the week so as he enters his office there s a new piece of art laying open on his display table We are photographers and looking at the behind the scenes as well as the finished images of this Star Wars collection is very cool LEGO Star Wars Small Scenes from a Big Galaxyoffers a unique look into the world of Star Wars, from the lens of Vesa Lehtimaki When I pre ordered this book a few months ago, I thought it would be a small ish picture book that was maybe 30 pages long and I would have been happy with that considering the low price tag , but I was pleased to find that it is a full sized coffee table book containing over 170 pages filled with beautiful photographs and wonderful descriptions One particularly interesting bit for me was the Making Of section at the back of the book, which contains photos of Vesa s photography setups for various photos that are displayed throughout the book The book also details the various techniques for creating atmosphere at such small scale, trial and error with lighting effects, and the list could go on.This book, LEGO combined with Star Wars, is a must have if you re a fan of either franchises, and a no brainer if you re a fan of both. The pictures included are great, an entire world included in a book, I would love this author to create scenarios Ein wirklich tolles Buch mit sch nen Bildern und interessanten Informationen zu ihrer Entstehung F r Star Wars und Lego Fans einfach top