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Told from the perspective of students on a class field trip, the books introduce community helpers and explain what they do In Firefighter, readers learn about the tools and equipment needed in the work Fire safety is discussed both on the job and in the home In Librarian, children are introduced to information experts, storytellers, and technology wizards Readers learn that librarians teach about ebooks and technology and encourage questions to pump up your brainpower The book does not mention the necessary training and education a librarian must pursue in order to work in a library In Police Officer, Officer Gabby visits the classroom and explains the different types of work police can perform throughout their day Construction Worker discusses the various skills needed for this type of work The class visits the site of a future school and learns about the types of machines used In Teacher, the students visit a fourth grade classroom The captions discuss the types of equipment used in the classroom, such as computers and whiteboards, and about following rules Cartoon style animated drawings in bright colors introduce diverse characters who will capture children s interest Chapters are divided into three parts, captions provide additional information, and there is ample spacing between sentences Additional titles wherebooks on community helpers are needed School Library Journal JournalGina Bellisario is the author of several picture books She especially enjoys writing about community workers Gina lives outside Chicago with her husband and twin daughters Ed Myer grew up in an artistic household He studied ceramics at university but always continued drawing pictures In addition to illustration, Ed enjoys traveling, playing computer games, and walking little Ted his Jack Russell terrier

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