{Download} Li'l Rip Haywire Adventures: Escape from Camp CootiesAuthor Dan Thompson – Stg2bio.co

A rollicking new adventure story from the creator of Rip Haywire Rip Haywire thinks hes got it made Instead of going to bed early, doing fractions and eating Brussels sprouts, he gets to accompany his soldier of fortune dad on laughably dangerous international missions Hes the onlyyear old in the world with a working knowledge of the Seven Most Common Booby Traps Used by Ancient Civilizations to Protect Their Precious Treasures It sure beats school, right But Rips life is about to change when his dad, in a sudden fit of responsibility, assigns Rip his toughest mission yet a historically all girls summer camp Will Rip learn how to get along with his feminine camp mates, most of whom have never even seen a flame thrower, let alone used one to fend off a pack of rabid hyenas Can Rip solve the mysteries that surround the camp and one intriguing girl in particular Readers will follow Rips misadventures in his whimsically illustrated journal, helping him to solve puzzles and beat the bad guys, as he learns that friendship can bevaluable than ancient treasure, andpowerful than a well placed land mine

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