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Marcy Hammers life has been turned upside down Her husband, the head of a global brassiere empire, didnt think twice about leaving her after thirty three years of marriage for a DD lingerie model Now Harvey the Home Wrecker is missing in action, but Marcys through thinking about what a clich he is What she needs now is a party size bag of potato chips, a good support system, and a new dressStriking out on her own is difficult at first, but Marcy manages to find traces of humor in her heartbreak Even while devastated by Harveys departure, she still has her indomitable spirit and her self respect She has no intention of falling apart, either, even when her adult children drop a few bombshells of their own and she discovers a secret about her new, once in a lifetime friend Life may be full of setbacks, but by lifting herself up by her own lacy straps, Marcy just may be able to handle them allMarilyn Simon Rothstein is the author of Lift and Separate, winner of the Star Award presented by the Womens Fiction Writers Association for Outstanding Debut Husbands and Other Sharp Objects is her second novelMarilyn grew up in New York City, earned a degree in journalism from New York University, began her writing career at Seventeen magazine, married a man she met in an elevator, and owned an advertising agency forthan twenty five years Marilyn received an MA in liberal studies from Wesleyan University and an MA in Judaic studies from the University of Connecticut She enjoys speaking at book festivals and community events