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Pour toutes les personnes passionn es par la magie et int ress es par les math matiques , ce livre associe les deux pour offrir un grand moment de math magie Magical Mathematics reveals the secrets of fun to perform card tricks and the profound mathematical ideas behind them that will astound even the most accomplished magician Persi Diaconis and Ron Graham provide easy, step by step instructions for each trick, explaining how to set up the effect and offering tips on what to say and do while performing it Each card trick introduces a new mathematical idea, and varying the tricks in turn takes readers to the very threshold of today s mathematical knowledge Diaconis and Graham tell the stories and reveal the best tricks of the eccentric and brilliant inventors of mathematical magic The book exposes old gambling secrets through the mathematics of shuffling cards, explains the classic street gambling scam of three card Monte, traces the history of mathematical magic back to the oldest mathematical trick and much Some of the customer reviews are down on this book because it is not what they want the book to be I recommend enjoying the book for what it is and there is enough variety for some parts of the book to appeal to everyone As the famous magician Ricky Jay says in his back cover blurb, it is, A remarkably appealing concoction of conjuring, invention, education, science, homage, and memoir It is easy to skip the math that is too complicated and it s really not that large a part of the book , and some of the math is just arithmetic and basic calculation of odds I ll never try to perform a magic trick or study heavy math, but I do like puzzles and games and this book is plenty interesting enough in the puzzles and games dimension And, personally, I like the book s memoir both of the authors have had fascinating lives and homage the author s describe a nice, if not comprehensive, selection of interesting people they venerate Since the book arrived from a few days ago, I have thumbed through the entire book and read many parts in detail I expect I will continue to dip into the book over the coming weeks concentrating on understanding the not really difficult but complicated parts a bit at a time I am also looking at some videos on the net that demonstrate some of the tricks discussed in this book I definitely will mention this book to anyone who asks, Have you seen any interesting books lately And I am certain I will go to the library to check out some of the books in the bibliographic notes at the end of this book. The book is packed with fantastic card tricks that will surely dazzle friends and family with enough practice , but goes beyond this by explaining the beautiful often deep mathematics behind the tricks The book intersperses magic and mathematics in an engaging way that keeps the reader hooked The book begins with a simple 4 card trick Well, simple enough to perform understanding is a different matter The authors then explain what mathematical concepts mostly involving combinations and permutations are at the heart of the trick, and then generalize the principle involved into a truly impressive, elaborate card trick After that, it s back to math to see exactly how and why the magic works Later chapters follow similar patterns, where the reader is drawn in by a beautiful card trick and the beauty is then heightened with a clear explanation of the underlying mathematics Along the way, the authors give excellent advice on how often to rehearse the tricks before performing as well as entertaining tips to make for a engaging performance The mathematics is presented in digestible bites, with excellent examples and illuminating illustrations.But be warned this isn t your simple high school math Many of these tricks employ sophisticated mathematics using Combinatorics, Group Theory, Graph Theory and Fortunately, the authors are adept at explaining these complicated concepts in a clear fashion, but the novice reader may have some trouble following some of the proofs Hopefully, the reader will be so inspired by the beauty of the subject, that she ll see it as motivation to learn mathematics In fact, the authors unapologetic goal with this text is to corrupt youngsters of all ages into pursuing mathematics in much the same way that the authors themselves were seduced by the subject Here s hoping they succeed with you as they have with me Fun and interesting Light and also serious If you like math you ll enjoy this book The book wanders in the later chapters but starts with fun magic and math The book raises and partially explains some lesser known mathematical theory while using the properties to explain magic tricks The magic tricks described are real and can be done by anyone once revealed Though an engineer and a math o phile I had to work than expected on some of the concepts with which I was unfamiliar You might not understand it all, but you will enjoy reading it, and you ll have a few parlor tricks for your next party. three really great tricks in the first few pages make the book worth getting However it rapidly turns into a mathematical jumble of numbers that only a mathematician would appreciate or understand Way, way over my head Nice mathematical magic book with maths details of the trick if you like to know the maths behind the tricks, this book is for youI like the tricks part but the mathematics is too heavy for m Two great mathematicians share the interplay between mathematics and magic, as well as practical applications in other areas for the mathematics that informs some stunning tricks I m not a performer, but I can readily see how much impact these tricks would be if performed by someone who put in the requisite practice For me, the payoff is the math itself. Really an interesting book. This is not a regular mathematics based self working tricks book This book involves some really interesting and even challenging mathematical principles that actually requires you to think to understand, and of course, the tricks based on these principles are just awesome Highly recommended.