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Maroo, A Girl Of The Ice Age, Must Take Charge After Her Father Is Killed And Lead The Rest Of The Family To The Tribe S Winter Camp great story for studying our hunter gatherer origins used in my fourth fifth grade class. This was recommended by another parent as good material for Home Ed learning about the Stone Age My six year old son and I are fascinated by prehistory, and he is loving this as am I It s very gentle but fast paced lots happens, but there is time taken for detail about what people wear, how they cook and I like the easy presence of spiritual belief Depending on what your child is into and has experienced, there is loads to identify with beach play rock pools, caves, sea animals taming a wild dog hunting and bushcraft anticipation and arrival of a new baby sibling relationships the stars astrology.The story provokes discussion about scientific as well as spiritual belief how Maroo s people use the moon to measure the passage of time, for example, or Maroo s method of quantifying things More people lived here than Maroo could count using all her fingers twice.My son is into Bear Grylls, Star Wars, Lego, Ninjago, gardening, animals and insects, dinosaurs and we have just come back from Welsh caves and beaches, so there is so much that he identifies with here I ll be ordering one for my nine year old niece who could read it alone who is quite the opposite to my son, but the sincerity of this book, and the simplicity of the characters world will appeal to sensitive souls Turned up early, daughter loved the story, highly recommended Excellent book