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Maroo, A Girl Of The Ice Age, Must Take Charge After Her Father Is Killed And Lead The Rest Of The Family To The Tribe S Winter Camp AMAZING read I read this book aloud to my children, ages 8 and 6, as we did a study on Prehistory This book is a great read without any context but opens doors for further discussion with children about the culture of prehistoric people I think this book may have been our favorite since Charlotte s Web read aloud Very engaging and hard to put down great for independent reading or read aloud Assigned for her 6th grade class, a great work of fiction describing what life might have been like for a young girl when mankind had not yet developed agriculture I bought this as a read aloud for a middle school special education class studying the Stone Age There was enough content about migrating with the seasons, tools and fire, the introduction of the dog, hunting and gathering, belief in spirits, and how the family unit worked together that it ended up being a major jumping off place for many topics The story was compelling and generally fast paced All the students, even my cool 8th grade boys, and my aide were anxious to hear what came next and disappointed if we were too busy to read A definite hit