{epub} Mary, Queen of Scots And All That (English Edition)Autor Allan Burnett – Stg2bio.co

I loved this book I am 21 Intitally when I bought it I thought it was just for kids but honestly after watching the show Reign on Netflix I thought this book provided so much information and was obviously an easy read But anyone who wants to know the history despite the age get it. Cool Thousands off true facts about Mary Queen Of Scots loved it so much so ya I don t know what to say lol Much appreciated by one of my grandchildren who is studying the life of this remarkable lady Great book with lots of great facts about our Mary Great humour and a great addition for a beginners research into this historical character Great Read it with my daughter Very factual but she was disappointed it wasn t told as a story. Got this for my nine year old who was covering Mary at school We read it together and she loved it 6 year old sister enjoyed it too Easy to read, funny and lots of nice short chapters. Packed with humour I recommend the whole lot , The School Librarian Mary, Queen of Scots and All That is a real life adventure packed with historical facts about Scotlands headless heroine Follow hot blooded Marys lifelong rivalry with her frosty cousin, Queen Elizabeth I of England and discover why the Queen of Scots gets her head chopped off Start at the beginning by finding out how well Mary gets on with her pushy Mum, her ladies in waiting and her first boyfriend Work out why she is hated by Nasty Knox the preacher and his Edinburgh mob Meet Marys horrible husbands and understand what makes her marry them Solve the mysterious murders of her nearest and dearest Learn the truth about Marys madness Uncover the secret plots that earn the Queen of Scots a deadly date with her cousins executioner and decide for yourself whether Mary is guilty or innocent Aimed at children aged Learn to tell the difference between Marys romantic reputation and her real life Find out why going to church gave the Queen of Scots a headache Understand the difficult decisions Mary had to make Discover the truth about her infamous Casket Letters Ho acquistato questo volume in lingua inglese per l ottimo prezzo, ora possa dire che sono soddisfatta anche del rapporto qualit prezzo E un volume breve che descrive i passaggi principali della vita della regina Mary Stuart, arricchito da alcune simpatiche vignette Consigliato a chi cerca qualche notizia in pi sulla biografia di questo personaggio storico, ma non ha tempo voglia di leggere libri pi lunghi e approfonditi.