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Since the formation of the American Republic the principles of free enterprise and equal opportunity have been at the very core of economic philosophy During the revolution, colonists fought not only for intangibles like liberty and justice, but also for the promises of a free market that provided everyone with the opportunity to pursue economic advancement regardless of social position and unsubjugated to a crown America quickly became a society in which an individual s success would be measured not by birthright, but rather by determination In this atmosphere, men and women have sought fortune limited only by their own abilities, their willingness to work hard, and their courage in the face of unknown dangers In this course, we ll examine the lives and careers of successful men and women who seized the opportunities offered by the vibrant and open economy that has ensued We ll examine how each of these individuals found the necessary resources both economic and personal to achieve greatness in the business arena In doing so, we hope not only to arrive at a better understanding of American business history in general, but also to commune with its greatest visionaries its Masters of Enterprise

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    I loved this book, it gives good overview of each of the people I have read of a number of detailed biographies which provide many details.If you want a quick and dirty overview of who each is and what they accomplished, this is the book for you Great biblography at the end to delve into each person farther.

  2. Doug Doug says:

    H.W Brands Masters of Enterprises devotes each of his 25 brief, but enjoyable chapters to a successful entrepreneur I particularly like this book because the author recognizes the importance of the individual in building a business dynasty Tragically, this recognition is very rare from many business historians today who seem interested in focusing on the post retirement philanthropic activities of many great industrialists as opposed to the prodigious effort which was required to first accumulate the wealth.This book contains great chapters on all of the well known productive geniuses of the U.S Industrial Revolution, including the following John D Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J P Morgan, Henry Ford and Cornelius Vanderbilt.One of the great values from this book is that it contains a satisfying amount of material on several important and often unsung heroes in business history This includes, but is not limited to Ray Kroc The man who turned the McDonalds franchise into the world s most recognizable fast food empire Robert Woodruff The man who made the Coca Cola logo the world s most recognizable logo Alfred Sloan The man who built up General Motors to defeat the Ford Motor Company as the most dominant automobile manufacturer in the United States Sam Walton The man who turned Walmart into the retail giant that it is today Andy Grove The man who made Intel Henry Kaiser A true renaissance industrialist He built the Hoover dam, the Bonneville Dam, innovated cement manufacturing, reduced the construction time of cargo ships during WWII to five days when they previously required 30 days , and even developed Waikiki beach into a resort H L Hunt discoverer and innovator of oil drilling in East Texas Unfortunately, he also crippled the industry by lobbying for government regulation.The main downside of this book is that I think the mix of entrepreneurs covered could have been interesting For one, James J Hill, the great empire builder of the Northwestern Railroads, is conspicuously absent For example, if it were up to me, I would have added chapters on James J Hill, E H Harriman , Warren Buffett, Herbert Dow and C.J Walker and removed the chapters on Berry Gordy, Oprah Winfrey, Phil Knight, Ted Turner and Liz Claiborne.If you enjoy books about great individuals in business history, then I also recommend Andrew Bernstein s The Capitalist Manifesto, Burton Folsom s The Myth of the Robber Barons and Burton Folsom s Empire Builders The turnaround genius who converted the struggling Union Pacific Railroad into a transportation empire She is probably the most under appreciated businesswoman in history She not only is the first black woman to be a self made millionaire, she is the first woman to do so She made a fortune in designing and marketing beauty products for black women at the beginning of the 20th century, when the U.S was unfortunately still plagued with discrimination.

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    In Masters of Enterprise, the author about twenty five individuals who are or were the most influential people in their respective fields Each chapter reads like a Reader s Digest condensed version story running some ten to twenty pages in length with enough detail leave the reader satisfied without overcoming them with information.

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    This is a superb book It charts the lives of the business people who built American industry and shows how they did it Well worth keeping as a reference book as well as reading.

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    Bought for my child Very good book to inspire the next generation.

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    Phenomenal bookInspiring