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A much needed summary of the importance, synthesis and applications of metal nanoparticles in pharmaceutical sciences, with a focus on gold, silver, copper and platinum nanoparticles After a brief introduction to the history of metal complexes in medicine and fundamentals of nanotechnology, the chapters continue to describe different methods for preparation of metal nanoparticlesThis section is followed by representative presentations of current biomedical applications, such as drug delivery, chemotherapy, and diagnostic imaging Aimed at stimulating further research in this field, the book serves as an reference guide for academics and professionals working in the field of chemistry and nanotechnologySreekanth Thota is a Visiting Researcher at the Center for Technological Development in Health, Funda ao Oswaldo Cruz Fiocruz in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil He studied Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Kakatiya University India and Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Bangalore, India and obtained his PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad India inHe then did postdoctoral work at Colorado State University, USA He received the CAPES Fiocruz Visiting Researcher award inHe has published overarticles in peer reviewed journals His research interest is focused on the drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, fundamental chemistry and biochemistry of ruthenium and other transition metal ions leading to applications in medicine Debbie C Crans is Professor of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry and in the Cell and Molecular Biology Program at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, USA She obtained her PhD in Chemistry from Harvard University with George M Whitesides, USA, inShe did a postdoctoral fellowship with Orville L Chapman and Paul D Boyer at UCLA inHer research interests lie in biological chemistry with expertise in metals in medicine and coordination chemistry with a focus on transition metals such as vanadium and platinum and interests in membrane model systems and hydrophobic compounds and lipids such as menaquinone She received the Vanadis Award inand in theCope Scholar Award She has published overarticles in peer reviewed journals