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Russian theater director Vsevolod Meyerhold designed Biomechanics a system of actor training shortly after the Russian Revolution Although not always understood, it received wide attention during the twenties and thirties as a result of Meyerhold s unique position as the foremost Soviet avant garde director Meyerhold had students that both perfected and challenged his theories and regime in actor training one was the great Russian film director Sergei Eisenstein Gathered from private Moscow archives, this is the first book length study of Meyerhold s stylized training method in practical detail, as well as Eisenstein s theoretical analysis of Biomechanics The book is divided into four parts Part I traces the history of Biomechanics in relation to Meyerhold s and Eisenstein s aesthetic development Part II is made up of documentary materials the theoretical foundations of Biomechanics and Expressive Movement, with descriptions of the basic biomechanical exercises and etudes Part III consists of descriptive accounts and interviews by British and American journalists and theatre practitioners In Part IV are a glossary of biomechanical terminology, notes, bibliographical information, and the index