Gratis ↠ Notre-Dame de Paris: Roman (French Edition) Por Victor Hugo –

It is entirely inexplicable why this edition is described as annotated It is not At all Also, the arrangement of the printing makes it irritating to read For example, paragraphs are not indented Obviously this is not a comment on the wonderful novel itself Plenty of other inexpensive editions available. Nouvelle Dition, Illustre Texte IntgralUn Roman Historique De Victor Hugo En NumriqueNotre Dame De Paris Est Un Roman Historique De L Crivain Victor Hugo, Publi En Le Titre Fait Rfrence La Cathdrale De Paris, Notre Dame, Qui Est Un Des Lieux Principaux De L Intrigue Du RomanDcouvrez Une Oeuvre Magistrale D Un Des Plus Grands Crivains De Langue FranaiseEXTRAITIl Y A Aujourd Hui Trois Cent Quarante Huit Ans Six Mois Et Dix Neuf Jours Que Les Parisiens S Veillrent Au Bruit De Toutes Les Cloches Sonnant Grande Vole Dans La Triple Enceinte De La Cit, De L Universit Et De La VilleCe N Est Cependant Pas Un Jour Dont L Histoire Ait Gard Souvenir Que Le Janvier Rien De Notable Dans L Vnement Qui Mettait Ainsi En Branle, Ds Le Matin, Les Cloches Et Les Bourgeois De Paris Ce N Tait Ni Un Assaut De Picards Ou De Bourguignons, Ni Une Chsse Mene En Procession, Ni Une Rvolte PROPOS DE L AUTEURVictor Hugo Est Un Pote, Dramaturge, Prosateur Et Dessinateur Romantique Franais, N Le Fvrier Besanon Et Mort Le Mai Paris Il Est Considr Comme L Un Des Plus Importants Crivains De Langue Franaise Everything in The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a fascinating juxtaposition of the grotesque and the sublime the speech, the characters, the setting I felt like the whole point of the story was to show that architecture was the only good thing that came from the Middle Ages so for heaven s sake, don t tear those buildings down We could never build something like that again This book saved the Notre Dame Cathedral by giving people a reason to care about it and showing how Gothic architecture was beautiful even though it was different which is a theme in the novel that applies to the characters as well Victor Hugo likes lists that are very, very long full of even longer names and I found myself falling asleep a lot in the first half of the book Then suddenly I get hit over the head by this steamy, passionate, action packed, gruesomely violent second half of the novel complete with forbidden love Didn t see that coming I found it surprisingly modern in that there are a lot elements in this story that are popular in novels, especially young adult ones, today Though I can t help but think that the girl would have been turned on by the whole forbidden creepy love thing if it had been written today instead of her being horrified by it And can I just say how shocked I was when he used the word vampire AND talked about Nicolas Flamel There was some great sarcastic humor in here that had me smiling This was Hugo s first novel after writing plays and it reads like one There are lots of action scenes and he writes an excellent mob He almost makes me want to grab a pitchfork I walked away from this book thinking about what beauty and love really are. Surprising ending great read for those who like sad endings If you do like sad endings, a great plot, and a well written story, I highly recommend you to sit through the boring and lengthy descriptions because it does get better and it s worth the read. everyone thinks he knows the story of the Hunchback You don t unless you take the time to read this long long novel about Paris, France, the Church, people of Paris and finally the Hunchback and his life For the casual reader, see the movie and enjoy If you really have an interest in Paris and the life and times of Quasimodo, read this wonderful book but be prepared to have many lessons in architecture as well as a truly tragic story, Ask your friends how the hunchback died and no one but you will know the answer. No sab a q el libro estaba escrito en lengua francesa no se frances..y no puedo leerlo No es v lido para mi The core story is wonderful and complex However, Hugo s description of Paris, both physically and historically is quite detailed to the point of being laborious and it makes following of the plot line much harder than it needs to be The plot line of the story is often interrupted for several pages, at a time Hugo does paint a beautiful word picture of Paris in such minutia that one could almost use it to build a model of the main roads, buildings, bridges and gates of that city If a film maker stuck to the book s complete content for the movie script, the film would twice as long as any film so far made of this story.